Shopify Free Trial 2024: Exclusive 90 Days Offer For $1

When selecting the best eCommerce platform, Shopify has become one of the top choices. Due to its many tools and features, it is not surprising that it is so popular. Almost all eCommerce store owners want to try out the advanced features of the eCommerce platform before investing. This is where Shopify picks you up, offering a free trial to all new users.

Shopify’s free trial has been changing over the past several years, which has caused several issues. Sometimes it’s a 3,14, 30, 60, or even 90-day free trial.

Taking advantage of Shopify’s free trials would be the best way to decide whether it is right for you before committing. But there needs to be some clarification about whether they are currently available. No worries, we have got your back.

In this article, we will cover Shopify free trials.

Note : For now, There is no Free Trail Available, however you can claim 90 days trail for $1.

The Default 3 Day Shopify Free Trial: Shopify Free Trial

As you can see, there is a lot of gossip floating around the internet about Shopify’s free trials. This is partly due to dishonest business practices by third parties, but it also happens because Shopify has changed the terms of its free trial more than once. Let’s get to the point and clarify that Shopify is currently offering a three-day free trial.

Shopify Free Trial

The latest update is always available on Shopify’s free trial page. There’s always a unique offer available. As of now, Shopify is offering a 3-day trial included with a special discount on premium plans. 

The duration of the free trial depends entirely on the Shopify promotion.

Shopify offers a 3-day free trial that requires only your email address and no credit card information. In the free trial version, you can access almost all of the features and tools available to subscribers.

How To Sign Up For The Shopify 3 Day Free Trial: Shopify Free Trial

Is this free trial offer of interest to you?

Here’s everything you need to know about Shopify’s 3-day free trial. 

Step 1 : Visit the Official Website

Shopify’s official website is the first place you need to go. For direct access to the homepage, click here. To get started, enter the email address and click on start free trial” button. 

Click On Start Free Trial

Step 2 : Answer The Questions

After that, you need to ask a few questions so the system can assist you. Choosing Next or Skipping will allow you to move on to the next question. 

Answer Some Questions

Step 3 : Fill the Information

Fill out your business address on the next page, as you will need your name, address, apartment, city, region, state, zip code, and phone number for the facility. Once all the fields are filled out, click Enter my Store. 

Step 4: Create or Log In

You need to create or log in to your account. 

Create Account

Step 5 : Select the Plan

You can now customize your store with custom themes. Besides adding a domain and products, you can also add pages. You’re getting a basic free trial. The “Select a plan” button at the top right corner lets you choose a plan if you want advanced features. 

Click on Pick A Plan

Step 6 : Pricing Plans

On the following page, you will find Shopify’s pricing plans. Choose your desired plan to get started. 

shopify pricing

Step 7 : Checkout Page

The next page is the checkout page, which won’t cost you a penny. You will only have to fill in your credit card and billing address details in this form. To be eligible for the free trial, a premium plan must be selected to start the trial. The next step is to click on Start Plan once the details have been filled in. 

Billing Detail

Note: Before the free trial ends, you should cancel your subscription if you do not wish to continue with the plan. Without a free trial, your chosen plan will automatically deduct the payment after the trial period.

Shopify 90-Day Free Trial: Shopify Free Trial

There is no doubt that we should have known that Covid-19 had negatively affected people’s businesses and daily lives worldwide in a detrimental way. As a result of the pandemic, online shopping has seen a huge surge in popularity. Due to this, more people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit will start online businesses in the eCommerce industry.

As a result, Shopify offers its users a 90-day trial to use its platform at a reduced cost. By signing up for this deal, online merchants would have the opportunity to sell their products and services within three months without the need to pay Shopify any charges.

Currently, this deal is unavailable since Shopify will no longer offer it after June 2021.

Shopify Pricing and Plans: Shopify Free Trial

The paid plans available on Shopify are exciting and offer a wide range of options. For all types of sellers, they offer separate packages based on their purchasing power.

Shopify offers three plans:

shopify pricing

Basic Shopify Plan 

Shopify offers a range of paid versions of its platform, but this is the most basic. In terms of features, it has enough to get started and keep your store running smoothly. You will need to pay $39.

Shopify Plan 

Among Shopify’s paid plans, the middle tier is the most popular. Besides stocking and selling unlimited products, maintaining customer logins, recovering abandoned carts, receiving and giving gift cards, and getting professional reports, this package has it all.

With the current Shopify plan, you’ll pay $105 monthly.

Advanced Shopify Plan 

Depending on the needs of your business, you may need more than the plans mentioned above. A solution such as Advanced Shopify may be suitable for people and brands in such a situation.

Using advanced Shopify is expensive; the monthly plan costs $399/month.

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Conclusion: Shopify Free Trial (2024)

As of now, the free trial period for Shopify has been reduced to three days. The original period of 90 days had been reduced to 60 days, and now it has been shortened to just three days. 

Their trial period can be extended, reduced, or terminated completely at any time due to the high demand for their product.

FAQs : Shopify Free Trial

Does Shopify have a 90 day free trial?

Yes, Shopify has a 90 Days Free trail. The normal free trail is considered to be for 3 days which is 1$ and then 90 days free trail by creating an account.

Can I earn Shopify in free trial?

Yes, you can. You can sell and earn on Shopify during your free trail. All you have to do is select a plan, don’t worry you don’t have to pay until the free trial plan expires.

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