14 Free Shopify Themes That Are Perfect for Your Store

Are you looking for Free Shopify Themes? Then, you are at the right place. For every e-commerce store need out there, Shopify has a solution. Used by over 1.75 million businesses around the world, Shopify has cemented itself as one of the best online platforms that help e-commerce owners set up their stores quickly and efficiently. 

Shopify, just like any other online platform that allows for a wide range of customizability while setting up a store site, has hundreds of themes you can choose from. 

In this blog, I’ll take you through 14 of the best Shopify themes that you can use that are completely free of cost. I’ll be rating these themes according to their ease of setup, customizability, as well added features useful for any site owner, especially in the world of e-commerce. 

Free Shopify E-commerce Themes

A Quick Overview of 14+ Free Shopify Themes.

Sr. No.Theme NameWhat’s Good?Rating
#1.DebutBeginner-friendly, responsiveness4.5/5
#2.BoundlessNiche templates support visual storytelling well3/5
#3.Minimal VintageMinimalistic layout, video showcase option3/5
#4.FasheFeature product section allows you to use plain HTML code on other platforms3.5/5
#5.SnowDevilWidgets that support promotional efforts, easy-to-use4/5
#6.VentureSupports 500+ products and 5+ collections, attractive layout 4.5/5
#7.SenseMega menu and quick buy options4/5
#8.VoonexIntegration with social media platforms, product grid options4/5
#9.Layout HubBeginner-friendly, compatible with most Shopify apps3/5
#10.DawnQuick setup and multiple block options3/5
#11.CraveColor palette, customization options4.5/5
#12.ThaliaMinimalist design, advanced product filters, and showcase options4/5
#13.BoosterBest for Shopping Experience for Buyers 4/5
#14.Brooklyn Mobile Responsive 3.8/5

1. Debut

If you’re an e-commerce owner looking to build a site that’s clean, fast, and customizable, Debut is the theme for you. 

The best part about Debut is the multiple pre-made templates that you can customize according to your needs without having to spend too much time building a website from scratch. 

Free Shopify Themes - Debut

It has received glowing reviews from most of its customers for its responsive layout options, such as Default and Lite, which allow for even greater flexibility when designing. 

Debut Key Features

Here are the key features of Debut Theme

  • Beginner-friendly Shopify theme 
  • Light, responsive layout 
  • Optimized for multiple devices, such as mobile, tablets, and phones 
  • Built-in blog section that you can use to drive organic traffic and add value to your target audience’s customer journey 
  • Efficient search option to help your audience find what they’re looking for fast. 

Who is it for? 

Perfect for all e-commerce owners who are creating an online store for the first time or redesigning their old one with beginner-level experience. 

2. Boundless 

One of the best free Shopify themes out there, Boundless comes with a large number of design options, making it perfect for site owners looking for a theme with max customizability. 


Boundless supports more than 50,000+ websites presently and is favored for the high support it offers to niche sectors in the e-commerce market without limiting owners to a one-size-fits-all theme. 

Boundless Key features 

Here are the key features of Boundless Theme

  • Supports and optimizes high-quality images, perfect for sites that are looking for a more visuall-dominant showcase for their products 
  • Optimized for mobile devices 
  • Customisability in terms of color palette, image layout style, and display options 
  • Slideshow and carousel options 
  • Single-product gallery 
  • Support for full-width images 

Who is it for? 

Perfect for e-commerce owners looking to display their unique aesthetic via their products and site design 

Brands that are more image-oriented in terms of a product showcase 

Stores that are centered around art, pottery, jewelry, etc.

3. Minimal Vintage 

If you’re looking for a simple, clean theme that showcases your products well, is attractive, and is customizable, Minimal Vintage is the theme for you. Its customers love it for its minimalistic look, which ensures your products are the center of your user’s website experience and that too much text does not clutter the site, especially the homepage. 


An interesting statistic about Minimal Vintage is that about 60% of the theme is dedicated to image sliders – a perfect image-to-text ratio for an e-commerce website. 

Minimal Vintage Key features 

Here are the Key Features of Minimal Vintage Theme

  • Product image zoom for a more detailed product showcase for your audience 
  • Multiple slideshow layouts and carousel formats 
  • Support for video showcase on your home page 
  • You can choose to include the “Filter” option on your site, letting users view products based on their preferences such as price range, product type, etc. 
  • Product recommendation features help boost other products 
  • Support for SEO 
  • Wide variety of colour palettes 

Who is it for? 

E-commerce owners looking for a responsive, clean, and minimalistic website that showcases their products well and is high-converting. 

4. Fashe 

One of the first free themes created on Shopify by Colorlib, it is an excellent theme for any e-commerce owner looking to create a successful Shopify store. 


It is a very responsive theme and allows for a wide range of customization options. An added feature is that it also allows e-commerce owners to use its plain HTML code that you can use on other platforms. 

Fashe Key features 

Here are the Key Features of Fashe Theme

  • Completely editable homepage 
  • Built-in blog section to feature some of your best products in the form of reviews and shopping tips, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section, 
  • Customizable ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us page 
  • Featured Product section for a complete showcase of your products 
  • Mobile-optimized 

Who is it for? 

The theme comes with many features, making the learning curve quite steep. If you’re a business owner or a web dev looking to make a responsive, clean, product-centric site in the fashion, jewelry, or similar niche, Fashe is the theme for you. 

5. SnowDevil 

Venturing into the world of extremely niche Shopify themes, we have SnowDevil as one of the best themes for any e-commerce store selling winter sports goods and equipment, such as fleece jackets, skis, skateboards, and ice skates, to name a few. 


This theme is extremely attractive and customizable and targets a particular section of the e-commerce market on both the buying and selling side of things. 

SnowDevil Key features 

Here are the Key Features of SnowDevil Theme

  • Slideshow options 
  • Multiple layout options 
  • Optimized for mobile devices 
  • Multi-column support 
  • Widgets that support promotional efforts 
  • Multiple typographies and color palette options 

Who is it for?

Any e-commerce owner in the winter-themed sporting goods/equipment niche 

6. Venture 

For all e-commerce stores dealing with outdoor equipment and goods, such as hiking stores and adventure sports stores, Venture is the best theme for their website. 


The reason why I love this theme is because of how light and attractive the theme is and just how easy it is to customize the theme. 

Venture Key features 

Here are the Key Features of Venture Theme

  • Showcase for 50+ products 
  • Support for 5+ collections 
  • Large menus for better visibility and accessibility 
  • Slideshow options 
  • Built-in newsletter feature 
  • Multiple footer options
  • ‘Checkout’ feature 
  • Built-in Social Media icons to support interaction with your brand’s online presence

Who is it for?

If your site has more than five collections and 50 products that cater to outdoor adventure niches, Venture is the theme for you. 

7. Sense

If you’re looking for a theme that is focused on product detailing, an attractive layout, and unique aesthetics, Sense is the perfect theme for you. It is relatively newer than the rest of the themes so far but is quickly becoming a popular choice because of the visually centered theme layout it follows. 


Sense Key features 

Here are the Key Features of Sense Theme

  • Advanced customization options 
  • Fresh, clean layout 
  • Light and attractive color palettes 
  • Efficient visual layout options for solid storytelling 
  • Support for multiple marketing-based features such as Blogs, cross-selling, FAQ section, review section, quick view of products, banners, and recommendations 
  • Mega menu and filtering options 
  • Quick buy options

Who is it perfect for? 

E-commerce store looking for a detailed product showcase, a clean and minimalist site design, and a theme that is easy to customize

8. Voonex 

Targeted for conference and event-centered e-commerce websites, Voonex is a theme that comes with features such as event information and sections in the site layout for details such as venue, speaker(s), sponsors, event schedules, etc. 


If you’re looking to build a site around a conference, meeting, annual summit, expo, or concert, you should check Voonex out. 

Voonex Key Features 

Here are the Key Features of Voonex Theme

  • Optimized for SEO 
  • Ultra-responsive design optimized for mobile devices 
  • Easy customization options 
  • In-built blog page 
  • Multiple headers and footer options 
  • Product filter and grid option 
  • Integration with social media platforms 

Who is it perfect for? 

Any company looking to expand upon their events through a well-designed, optimized website on Shopify 

9. Layout Hub

Used by over 8000 websites currently, Layout Hub is one theme I’d recommend if you’re just starting with a website for your e-commerce store. Amongst its other features, LayoutHub comes with multiple pre-made templates that can be used for diverse e-commerce niches such as fitness equipment, beauty, etc. 

Layout Hub - Free Shopify Themes

Layout Hub Key features 

Here are the Key Features of Layout Hub Theme

  • Extremely beginner-friendly layout and web design options
  • Dedicated and efficient customer support that’s available 24/7
  • Compatible with multiple Shopify apps 
  • Optimized for speed and mobile devices 
  • Multiple footer options 

Who is it perfect for?

Any e-commerce owner looking for a theme that’s customizable, easy to edit, and optimized for speed 

10. Dawn 

Used by more than 640,000 websites on Shopify, Dawn is a very popular theme – and for a good reason. The best part about Dawn is the speed at which it helps you set up your site. 

Dawn - Free Shopify Themes

Most themes take relatively more time to set up, especially if you need to change up multiple elements from the template/blank slate you have started with to make the website align well with your brand identity. 

Dawn Key features 

Here are the Key Features of Dawn Key Theme

  • Well-designed block options 
  • Quick setup 
  • Minimalist design 
  • Media-centered product page 
  • Multiple customization options 
  • Multiple marketing features, such as an in-built blog section, FAQs, product reviews, promotional banners, etc. 
  • Product zoom, product finder, navigation bar, and enhanced search option 

Who is it for? 

With a bold, clean, and attractive layout design, Dawn is the perfect theme for all minimal and high-performance websites on Shopify. 

11. Crave 

One of my favorite Shopify themes, Crave, should be your go-to theme while designing an eye-catching website that is engaging, customer-centric, and showcases your product without compromising on-site efficiency. 

Crave - Free Shopify Themes

Crave comes with multiple customization options, a quick and clean checkout process, and multiple design layouts for a site that speaks to your customers. 

Crave Key features 

Here are the Key Features of Crave Key Theme

  • Mega menu option 
  • Bright, peppy color palette options 
  • Visual storytelling options 
  • Merchandising options such as product recommendations, promotional banners, featured products, FAQ page, etc. 
  • Quick buy option
  • Cart notes

Who is it for? 

E-commerce brands that have bright, vibrant personalities are looking to create a customer-centric website. 

12. Thalia 

A theme perfect for any minimalist website on Shopify, Thalia is a popular choice for e-commerce owners looking for a theme that isn’t too design-heavy but flexible enough for an attractive product showcase 

Thalia - Free Shopify Themes

Thalia Key features 

Here are the Key Features of Thalia Key Theme

  • Responsive slideshow option 
  • Slide-out cart to let customers add items to their cart and visit another page on your site without losing progress
  • Advanced collection filters (such as price, color, fit, etc.) 
  • Product swatches to display colors according to their color collections/variants 
  • About Us, FAQ, and Contact Us pages 

Who is it perfect for? 

Fashion outlets are looking for a theme that is clean, and fast, and showcases their products well without compromising on efficiency and UX. 

13. Booster

One of the best theme if not the best. It’s fast, it’s functionality works perfectly fine. Ideal for creating the best experience for shopping for users. Designed by Clean Canvas, the support system is very responsive and solves complex problems immediately. To use Booster or to make the website more pleasing to viewers, you need to be familiar with coding. This theme isn’t for free. There is Yearly and Lifetime Plans which you can opt according to your need. $249 is for Yearly Plan & $399 for Lifetime. You can try all the customization, colors and everything but until you don’t pay you wont be able to publish.

Booster Theme Overview - Free Shopify Themes

Booster Key Features :

Here are the Key Features of Booster Key Theme

  • Responsive Theme
  • Currency Convertor
  • Support System Quick with Solving Complex Problems

Who is it Perfect for?

Best Theme for Shopping Experience with a little experience in coding. It is Fast and its Functionality works perfectly fine.

14. Brooklyn

Last on our list of Free Shopify Themes is Brooklyn Theme. Brooklyn comes with a mobile responsive design approach. The navigation available on mobile is pretty flawless. It’s a perfect option if you don’t have a large number of products. The full screen slideshow is very appealing to view where you can showcase your products.

Brooklyn Shopify Theme Overview

Brooklyn Theme comes with slide-out cart and dynamic product grid. This will help your customers to add products while you stay on the same page. You can also set a video on the homepage to make it more pleasing. Brooklyn is an amazing theme which goes fine with mobile as well.

Brooklyn Theme Key Features

Here are the Key Features of Brooklyn Theme

  • Responsive Theme. Works absolutely fine with mobile because of it’s “Mobile First” Philosophy.
  • Slider will help to display the products and make it look more appealing.
  • You can set a video on your home page to make it look more appealing.

Who Is It Perfect For?

People who don’t have a vast product list. Who are looking to target audience through mobile. People who are looking for a fast and responsive theme.

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Final Thoughts: Free Shopify Themes (2024)

Shopify is a goldmine for themes that can majorly contribute to your site’s success, especially if you’re just starting out. Choosing a theme that is in line with your business goals, brand identity, and optimal customer journey is what you should keep in mind while designing a website. 

I’ve covered 14 of the best free themes on Shopify that you should check out while designing your site, but one of them emerges as a clear winner – Crave. 

With its simple, minimalistic, yet impactful design options, Crave helps you play around with color palettes, layout options, and typography styles, as well as features that help you with your marketing and merchandising efforts. 

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