How Many Websites Are There In The World (2024)

There are nearly 2 billion websites online. However, only 17% of these are active, while others are inactive. These numbers keep changing every day and every minute.

If you have ever wondered, “How many websites are there on the Internet?” then you have landed in the right place. 

In the following article, we have compiled facts and figures related to the number on the Internet. You will also come across the number of active and inactive websites, the most visited ones in the world, different hosting used for different websites, etc.

How Many Websites Are There In 2024?

Let’s have a look at the Top Picks.

  1. There are 1.13 billion websites on the World Wide Web as of 2024. 
  2. 82% of the websites in the world are deactivated, which means only
  3. 201,898,446 among the 1.13 billion websites are actively maintained and visited.  
  4. According to the data from Forbes, a new website is built every three seconds.
  5. Approximately 252,000 websites are created every day. 
  6. 10,500 websites are reported to be created every hour. 
  7. 175 websites are created every minute. 
  8. 3 websites are created every minute.
  9. One of the first websites to be created on the World Wide Web was IMDB. It started with a list of “actresses with beautiful eyes” in the year 1990. 
  10. 30 to 50 billion web pages are indexed through Google. 
  11.  Over 71% of the businesses have a website in 2023.
  12. As per the data from the latest statistics, more than 28% of businesses conduct online activity.
  13. Moreover, more than 43% of the small ventures and businesses are planning to invest in their website performance in 2023.
  14. 4.23% is the average click-through rate across all the industries.
  15. According to the research, it is noted that users form an impression about a website in just 0.05 seconds.

The Number Of Websites Worldwide

“How many websites are there?” this question will never have a corrected answer. Some websites are removed from the internet, while some are added every minute. Let us take a look at the most recent figures related to the numbers

  1. There were 1.13 billion websites as of 2024. (Internetlivestats) 
  2. The exact number of websites keeps changing every second. According to Netcraft, there were  1,167,715,133 on the World Wide Web in January 2022. 
  3. The milestone of a billion websites was crossed by the World Wide Web in September 2014.  However, there was a bounce back of the users to less than 1 million for more than one and a half years. 
  4.  The total number of websites on the internet reached 1 billion users again in March 2016. 

Number of websites on the World Wide Web over the years

Let’s take a look at the number of websites on the World Wide Web.

YearAll Websites 
January 20241,136,154,062
January 20231,986,154,062
January 20221,167,715,133
January 20211,197,982,359
January 20201,295,973,827
January 20191,518,207,412
January 20181,805,260,010
January 20171,800,047,111
January 2016906,616,188
January 2015876,812,666
January 2014861,379,152
January 2013629,939,191
January 2012582,716,657
January 2011273,301,445
January 2010206,741,990
January 2009185,497,213
January 2008155,583,825
  1. 58.8% of all the websites are in English. 

The following table displays the percentage of websites in different languages. 

Sr. No.Language Percentage Of Websites
6.Turkish 2.8%
12.Dutch 1.2%
  1. There are more than 8.5 billion Google searches in a day.
  2. More than 30,000 websites are hacked in a day. 
  3. Around 347.3 billion emails are sent in a day. 
  4. More than 4 billion gigabytes of internet traffic is recorded daily. 
  5. 73 million websites use Content Management systems. 
  6. 76.17% of the top websites worldwide are mobile-friendly, while 23.83% of websites are not mobile-friendly. 

How Many Websites Are There In the US?

Most of them are hosted in the United States. Let us take a look at the number of websites in the US. 

How Many Websites Are There In the US
  1. The US represents over 4.25% of the world’s online population.
  2. 133,361,676 websites are there in the United States as of August 2021. 

The following table displays the number of websites in different countries around the world. 

CountryNumber of Websites 
United States133,361,676
Cayman Islands1,156,208
United Kingdom2,750,091
  1. 505,000,000 websites were hosted in the United States as of record in the year 2012. 
  2. YouTube is the most visited website in the United States after Google. 11,670,220,851 visits are recorded per month by YouTube. 

Website User Experience Statistics

Let’s have a look at Website User Experience Statistics.

Website User Experience Statistics
  1. There are more than 5.16 billion active internet users worldwide.
  2. More than 40% of users leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load.
  3. It costs $2.6 billion US dollars in sales to the retailers whose websites load slowly.
  4. On average, 5.59 seconds are spent by website users looking at the written content on a site. 
  5. Users spend an average of 6.44 seconds focusing on the main navigation menu.
  6. 54 seconds is the average time spent on a page by a website visitor.
  7. Video on websites can increase visitor time on the page by 88%.
  8. The pages with videos can engage users for six minutes on average.
  9. It is seen that if a user is having a bad experience with the website then 88% of them won’t return to the site.
  10. The average bounce rate globally is between 41% to 55%.
  11. 61% of the users said that if they won’t find what they are looking for then they are more likely to to go on another site.
  12. As per the data from Q2 2022, 58.99% of the website visitors came through mobile phones.
  13. More than 73% of the total mobile visitors reported that they are having slow-load website issues.
  14. Users spend an average of 5.94 seconds looking at a website’s main image.

Which Is The Most Visited Website In The World?

Google and YouTube are no doubt the most visited websites in the world, but what about the other websites? Which websites rank 3rd and 4th? Here is the full list. 

Which Is The Most Visited Website In The World
  1. Google is the most visited website in the world. It receives 12.52 billion visits per month. 
  2. Around 93% of the global traffic comes from Google.
RankWebsiteVisits Per Month
1.Google.com12.52 billion
2.YouTube.com11.19 billion
3.Wikipedia.org4.5 billion 
4.lectortmo.com2.5 billion
5.tsyndicate.com2.4 million
6.Facebook.com1.471 billion
7.Amazon.com3 billion billion 
9.Reddit.com1.6 billion 
10.Instagram.com1 billion
11.tiktok.com1 billion
12.Twitter.com450 million
13.Yahoo.com700 million million
15.fandom.com350 million
16.manganato.com200 million
17.duckduckgo.com100 million
  1. 100 million visits per month are recorded on 
  2. 700 million visits per month were recorded on
  3. Facebook attracted 1.471 billion visits per month, while Twitter attracted  450 million per month. 

How Many Web Pages Are There?

Each website comprises different pages. These pages are called web pages. Here are a few numbers related to the number of web pages on the internet. 

  1. More than 50 billion web pages are there on the World Wide Web as of the year 2021.  
  2. Only 2.74 billion web pages are indexed, while others are not indexed. 
  3. There are over 30 to 50 billion web pages that are indexed through Google.

How Many Active Websites Are There?

There are millions of websites on the internet, but only a small percentage are active websites. Let us take a look at the stats related to the number of active websites on the internet. 

  1. Only 17% of the websites out of 1 billion websites are active, while the other 83% are inactive.
  2. Even though there are more than 1 billion websites on the web, not all of them are active. 
  3. As recorded in July 2022, 197,046,670 are active on the web. On the other hand,  942,420,989 are inactive websites. 

How many Domains Are There?

Domains are the unique online address used by the websites. Let us take a look at the facts and figures related to the number of domains on the Internet. 

  1. More than 363.5 million domain registrations were made in the first quarter of the year 2021. 
  2. There are approximately 1,517 domain extensions to choose from. Most of the growth is seen in the .com and .net domains. 
  3. .com has approximately 154.6 million domain names. 

The following table displays the number of domain registrations of top-level domains. 

Top-level DomainNumber of Registrations
.com233.6 million
.tk26.9 million
.cn26.2 million
.de23.4  million
.net20.6 million
.uk20.4 million
.org16.2 million
.xyz11.7 million
.ru11 million
.top9.3 million
  1. was the world’s first registered domain name. The registration of the website was done on 15th March 1985. 
  1. 49.51% of the market share of the domain name market belongs to GoDaddy

The following table breaks down the market share owned by different domain providers. 

Service ProvidersPercentage of Market Share
Cloudflare DNS15.89%
Google Cloud DNS3.75%
Google Domains3.75%
OVH Domains2.65%
Enom DNS Hosting1.69%
RackSpace Cloud DNS1.36%

Source: Datanyze.

How Many Websites Are Created Every Day?

Every day thousands of new websites are on the web. Let us take a look at the detailed number of websites created every day. 

  1. More than 252,000 new websites are created every day. 
  2. The number of websites created has declined tremendously by 46% since August 2018. 
  3. 252,000 were created every day as of July 2023.
  4. The average conversion rate for ecommerce websites is around 1.81% to 3.71%.

How Many Websites Are On Google? 

Google is the home of billions of web pages and websites. Many creators prefer using Google as the content management system for their websites. Let us take a look at the number. 

How Many Websites Are On Google
  1.  970,679 websites are created on Google.
  2.  775,717 live websites are there on Google.
  3.  547,969 websites on Google are in the United States. 
  4. Google is the 11th most popular Content Management System in the United States. 
  5. Google is the 13th most popular CMS on the internet. 
  6. 17,545 websites in Brazil use Google’s CMS. 
Country Website Using CMS From Google
1. United States547,969
2. United Kingdom22,781
3. Brazil17,545
4. Canada12,451
5. India10,676
6. France9,446
7. Germany8,131
8. Australia6,113
9. Italy5,471
10. Netherlands4,888
  1. Approximately 50 billion web pages are indexed on Google. 
  2. Google is used for 2.5 trillion searches per year. 
  3. Google is the most visited website in the United States as well as in the world.
  4. Google dominates the search engine market. 92.46% of the market share of the search engine market is owned by Google.  

Which Was The First Website?

The first website was not available to the public after its launch. It became public after 2 to 3 years of the launch of the first website. Here are a few facts about the world’s first website. 

  1. The first website went live on August 6, 1991. 
  2. was the first website. 
  3. The world wide web was started to be used every day from the year 1993-1994. It was when the websites were available to the general public. 

How Big Is The Internet?

We have given you a little detail about how big the Internet is.

  1. China had the highest number of internet users in 2020
  2. There are approximately 4.66 billion internet users. 
  3. 59% of people around the globe use the internet. 
  4. 92.6% of internet users have used mobile devices to go online. 
  5.  There are 51.8% of Internet users in the world.    

The following table displays the number of internet users in different regions. 

RegionNumber of Internet Users 
Eastern Asia1,235.66 million
Southern Asia1,026.63 million
America807.77 million
Southeast Asia516.5 million
North America444.06 million
South America310 million
Central & Western Europe292.61 million
Eastern Europe201.07 million
Southern Europe190.76 million
Western Asia182.08 million
Northern Africa169.11 million
Western Africa156.38 million
Eastern Africa130.14 million

Web Design Statistics

A quick view of the Web Design Stats.

Web Design Statistics
  1. According to the statistics from Forbes, seven out of 10 small businesses and ventures do not include a call to action. 
  2. It is seen that 67% more tend to make a purchase if the website is mobile-friendly.
  3. More than half of the internet visitors reported that they use website design as a factor to evaluate their opinion on a business.
  4. Among the total users, 57% of them won’t recommend a business with a poor design.
  5. It is seen that if the website layout is unattractive, then more than 38% of the users won’t engage with the website.
  6. According to the data from Forbes, the average cost of basic website designing is more than $2000.
  7. On average, it takes more than three months to design a website with the basic features.
  8. WordPress is the widely used and popular CMS, with around 42.4% of the internet’s websites.


Website Hosting platforms

The platforms that are used to host websites have grown over the past decade. These platforms make web hosting easier and more convenient. Let us take a look at the stats related to web hosting platforms. 

  1. Dedicated hosting is expected to grow at 11.1% CAGR between the years 2021-2026. 
  2. In the year 2021, 25.5% of the global web hosting services market belonged to dedicated hosting. 
  3. 35% of those use GoDaddy. 
  4. 43% of the web uses WordPress open-source content management system. 
  5. Over 57 million websites use Amazon to host their website. 
  6. 6.2% of all use Amazon as their host. 
  7. 22.23% of websites among the top 1 million have used Amazon as their provider.  What’s more, Feedvisor suggests that Amazon FBA sellers have a professional website to complement their Amazon accounts. If you’re looking to get started with Amazon FBA you should Tools like Helium 10. Checkout verified Helium10.Coupons website for the latest offers and deals.
  8. 78.5% choose GoDaddy as their Web host. 

WordPress Statistics

WordPress Statistics

WordPress is one of the most used content management systems for websites. It makes designing and adding content easier. Here are a few statistics related to WordPress.

WordPress Overview
  1. As per the data from, around 810 million use WordPress.
  2. More than 500 new WordPress sites are made on a daily basis.
  3. WordPress is used by 43.2% on the internet. 
  4. The usage of WordPress has increased by an average of 12% per year since the year 2011. 
  5. 65.2% using a content management system use WordPress. 
  6.  36.28% of the top 1 million are powered on WordPress. 
  7. WordPress has been the fastest-growing content management system for the last 12 years. 
  8. 20.4% of WordPress websites use WooCommerce. 
  9. 2.2% use WordPress Engine as their hosting provider.
  10. Among the top 100 websites worldwide, 14.7% are powered by WordPress. 
  11. Over 62% among the 100 fastest-growing companies use WordPress.
  12. Around 70 million WordPress blog posts are posted every month.

Source: HubSpot. 

Wix Statistics

Wix is used by a large number of people as a content management system. It offers different features and functions. Here are a few statistics related to the Wix platform.

Wix Overview
  1. Wix offers websites from more than 190 countries around the world. 
  2. 24.16% of the traffic to Wix is attracted from search engines. 
  3. 45,000 new users join Wix every day. 
  4. In the year 2020, Wix generated an average revenue of $989 million. 
  5. Wix is used by 332,000 e-commerce websites. Similar to Wix, Squarespace also has 293,971 active live stores all over the world. You can also use the Squarespace free trial to create your dream store on this platform.

AWS Statistics

Amazon Web service providers are one of the biggest content management systems. Most of the websites are hosted on AWS. let us take a look at the figures related to AWS. 

AWS Overview
  1. More than 57 million websites reported that they use Amazon as their hosting provider. 
  2. 6.2% use Amazon to host their websites. Amazon Web Services hence owns the biggest share of the web hosting industry. 
  3. Out of the top 100k, 41.08% use AWS as their hosting. 53.76% of the top 10K websites also reported that they use AWS hosting services for their websites. 
  4. The revenue generated by AWS in the year 2021 was approximately $62.202 billion. 
  5. AWS saw a growth of 37% in the year 2021. 

The following table displays the growth of AWS over the past years. 

YearGrowth Percentage
2023 Q116%

GoDaddy Statistics

GoDaddy is one of the largest web hosting providers. Most people prefer it to host their websites. Let us take a look at the facts and figures related to GoDaddy. 

GoDaddy Overview
  1. 78.5% use GoDaddy to host their websites. 
  2. GoDaddy provides data centers to more than 41 million websites on the internet. 
  3. 2.27% of the top `1 million websites use GoDaddy as their hosting provider. 
  4. 21.2 million people used GoDaddy in the year 2021.
  5. GoDaddy charged an average of $182 per user in the year 2021. 
  6. $3.815 was the annual revenue of GoDaddy in the year 2021. 
  7. Approximately 84 million domains are managed by GoDaddy. 

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Wrapping Up

I hope that the above article has fulfilled your curiosity about the facts and figures related to the internet. The number of active & the total websites varies according to the sources and with the increasing number of websites every minute. 

In the year 2024, the number will surely cross the 2 billion milestone. We will keep you updated with the latest figures and numbers. 

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