WordPress Coupon Code 2024: (Verified & Working)

Looking for a Working WordPress Coupon Code? We got you. WordPress is one of the popular and affordable content management systems (CMS) everyone uses worldwide. You must have heard of its benefits, too, and that’s why you’ve clicked on this blog. 

But before opting for a WordPress paid plan, it’s best to know if there is any way you can get the plans at cheaper rates using WordPress coupon codes. 

Yes, WordPress announced discounts and coupon codes from time to time, using which users can start their site at a discounted price than the average rates. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through all the current WordPress coupons and discounts and let you know how you can avail of them. 

So let’s dive in- 

Are There Any Current Available WordPress Discounts/ Coupons? 

WordPress is one of the most preferred content management systems when it comes to starting a business or sharing your ideas. 

While WordPress.com is free for all users, that’s of no use because to make your site live, you have to opt for the paid plans. I’ll get to the pricing of WordPress later but let’s first address whether there are any current discounts or coupons available for WordPress users. 

Yes, WordPress is currently offering 20% off on all plans. Using the coupon, you can start your business at an incredibly slashed price. To get the discount, you have to use the coupon code 20NOW.

NOTE : The Coupon Code has expired and is not working anymore, you can go through the article and avail the offer whenever next time there is a coupon available.

NEXTIDEA2020% off on all plans

Additionally, if you are a new WordPress user, you will get $25 as credit, another plus point.

 New WordPress user

WordPress has announced many other coupons that can give you a discount of up to 20%.

How To Claim WordPress Coupon Codes In 2024? 

Follow the steps mentioned below to claim the WordPress coupon code with ease.

Step 1: Visit The WordPress Website

Go to the WordPress.com pricing page by clicking here. 

Step 2: Select A WordPress plan

There are four pricing plans- Personal, Premium, Business, and E-commerce. Select the plan you want to purchase. 

Wordpress Website Overview - WordPress Coupon Code

Step 3: Sign Up For A WordPress Account

You will have to create a WordPress account in this step. Fill in the required details to move to the next step.

Sign Up For A WordPress Account - WordPress Coupon Code

Step 4: Choose A WordPress Domain

You have to choose a domain of your choice in this step.

So, fill in the details in the required sections to move to the next step.

Choose A Domain - WordPress Coupon Code

Step 5: Checkout With The WordPress Coupon Code

On the checkout page, enter the coupon code you have. WordPress will check whether the coupon code is eligible or not, and if it is, it will give you a discount. 

Thats it. it was that easy!

What Are The WordPress Pricing Plans? 

WordPress.com has four different pricing plans. You can opt for either a monthly or an annual plan. Opting for the annual plan is profitable because that is cheaper compared the monthly fees. 

The pricing goes as follows- 

FreePersonal Premium Business eCommerce Enterprise
$0$4 per month (billed annually)$8 per month (billed annually)$25 per month (billed annually)$45 per month (billed annually) $25,000 per month
(billed annually)

These are the standard prices for all the WordPress paid plans, but after applying any coupon code, you can get them at an even lower price. 

What Features Are Included In WordPress Paid Plans? 

Now that you are aware of different pricing plans, you must be wondering what the features included in each plan are or which plan will be more profitable for you.

Therefore, to end your confusion, I have listed down all the features you’ll get in each plan. Check them out below- 

(Note this costing is done on monthly bill and not annually)

WordPress Features

As you can see, the personal plan has the least features out of all; therefore, it’s not the right option if you want to build a commercial site and need business usage. Go through the features of the rest of the paid plans to see which one will be perfect for your requirement. 

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Wrapping Up! WordPress Coupon Code (2024)

I hope this WordPress coupon code guide was informative and has helped you pick a plan that is most suitable for you. Please note that the discounts and coupons are not applicable all year round; hence, they only work during the eligible period. 

Make sure to check out all the available coupons before opting for a plan to save some extra bucks. 

Still, got some queries? Feel free to drop them in the comments, and I’ll answer them as soon as possible. 

FAQs: WordPress Coupon Code 

Is There A Difference Between WordPress.com & WordPress.org? 

Yes, there is a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.org is the original version of WordPress, and it’s an open and free content management system. WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform, so first you have to sign-up for a hosting service and get a domain name before launching the website. 
But WordPress.com is mainly a blogging platform with hosting plans included along with other necessary features you need to build your website. 

What Is The Maximum Discount WordPress.com Generally Offers? 

WordPress.com generally offers a maximum of 20% discount coupon codes. But this may vary every year. 

Can Beginners Use WordPress To Build Websites? 

Yes, beginners can also use WordPress to build their websites. But beginners must spend some time understanding the technicalities as it’s a bit complicated content management system (CMS). 

Do I Have To Pay For Hosting For The WordPress Site? 

Yes, you have to pay for hosting for your WordPress site. Hosting is necessary for your site to be live on the web and get visitors. 

Should I Opt For A Monthly Or Yearly WordPress Plan? 

I would suggest you opt for a yearly paid plan as it is much cheaper than the monthly fee plus you can get additional discounts on yearly plans using coupon codes. 

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