Trending Blog Name Ideas That You Should Use In 2024

Blogging has become an incredible mainstream activity for individuals and brands alike. The worldwide readership of blogs in an online format has reached a whopping 77% of all internet users, with over 600 million blogs featured on about 1.9 billion websites all over the world. 

Writing a blog can be an incredible way to communicate your thoughts to your audience and advertise your brand’s products/services while adding value to your readers. 

However, when it comes to choosing a name for your blog, many bloggers find themselves stuck. This is because while you can write hundreds of words in the main body of your blog, your blog name/title should be clear, precise, and succinct. 

The longer and less catchy your blog name is, the less likely people are to recall it at a later date. 

In this blog, I’ll be giving you 10 great names for a blog, that you can use for your upcoming/or existing blogging project. 

What Makes A Blog Name Good?

While it may be easy to assign a random name to your blog, it may be detrimental to your blog’s growth and success in the long run. 

Makes A Blog Name Good

Audiences are looking for snappy, relevant blog names that they can remember instantly, as well as form a strong association between the blog’s name and its content. 

For example, if you name a blog on composting and home gardening methods “Home Care Blog,” it does not serve the purpose that a blog name should. 

The blog name is not directly related to your content and sounds unengaging, which are two mistakes that you should steer clear of while naming your blog. 

A great blog name is creative, 100% original, and short. Long, descriptive blog titles may occasionally help you with SEO and keyword searches but are very unlikely to be remembered by your audiences. 

You should ensure that you spend a solid amount of time on the formulation of your blog topic and ensure that you ask for lots of feedback about how engaging it sounds and how likely people are to remember it at a later date. 

I’ll now take you through some strategies and steps that you can follow while coming up with a catchy and popular name for your blog. 

Note that the ideas and strategies below are largely dependent on who your target audience is, what your blog is all about, and what your blogging goals are. Not keeping these in mind while selecting a blog name leads to an unimpactful blog name and brand. 

How To Create A Blog Name That’s Catchy? Follow These Steps

Here are a few steps and frameworks you can follow to create a blog name that is relevant to the topic you write about, resonates with the audience, and is catchy and snappy – 

Create A Blog Name

1. Understand your target audience

The biggest mistake blog owners make while naming their blog is using words and phrases that their target audience may not resonate with. 

For example, if you’re writing a blog on composting and plant care for senior citizens and middle-aged audiences, a blog name that uses primarily Gen-Z lingo such as “Plant’s the Vibe” and “How to Slay Your Composting Efforts” may not land with your audience at all, and may in fact, lead to a decline in readership because of this one reason – the blog name is not resonating with your target audience. 

You must also keep in mind the demographics and language that your audience primarily interacts with. If you’re targeting a purely English-speaking audience, adding phrases or colloquial elements from languages such as French or Hindi may not sit right as a blog name. 

2. Your blog name should describe what you write 

Apart from your target audience, you must also make sure that your blog name and content are synchronous. The tone, goal, as well as overall content bucket of the blog, matters a lot when coming up with a name for it. 

Your blog name should describe what you write 

You must make sure that you first understand what your blog is in the first place. If it is a how-to, then mentioning words like “How To XYZ?” and “DIY” in the title makes sense. However, if it is a technical blog outlining features of the latest gaming laptop in the marketing, using phrases like “A Complete Review” and “All You Need to Know” in the blog name may be more relevant. 

Your blog name should ideally contain the crux of what readers will gain from your blog – will they be better informed about a certain product? Will they receive a comparison between two locations or experiences? Will they learn more about a particular subject or activity? Answering questions like these helps you pick a better name for your blog. 

3. Grab a dictionary and a thesaurus to brainstorm 

Sometimes, going back to the basics is the best way to crop up a catchy and unique name for your blog. 

Blog names with words that rhyme or have similar phrases are more likely to be remembered by audiences purely because they sound catchier and unique. You can start by grabbing a thesaurus or a dictionary and shortlisting words that best represent your blog’s tone, voice, audience, and overall theme. 

You can play around with a few combinations until you find one that you think will work well. For example, a blog on easy Mexican recipes for young cooks can be named “Terribly Quick Tacos for Teens.” 

You may have to go back and forth a few times to experiment with a few blog names for your blog, but starting with the basics is the best way forward. 

4. Ask for feedback 

Before you publish your blog name and check its availability as a domain, it’s a good idea to gain some feedback from people who may comprise your target audience. 

If you’re blog targets, young adults, it may be beneficial to run the name by some young adults you may know to understand what impression of your blog name evokes in your readers’ minds. If you receive positive feedback, you’re good to go!

Now I’ll be giving 10 trending names for blog name ideas that you should try for your upcoming blog. 

Starting A Blog? These Blog Names Ideas Could Come In Handy For You!

Sl. No.Blog NameBest For
#1.The Anonymous ArmadilloTech and Software
#2.She’s Glowing!Beauty and Skincare + Motherhood Blog
#3.Budget GrubEasy Meals and Recommendations
#4.To Read or Not To ReadBook Blog/Review Blog
#5.Peach PleaseFitness/Health Blog
#6.It’s Dollar SenseFinance Blog
#7.Pretty in PinkFashion Blog + Interior Design
#8.Reboot RobotElectronic Appliances and Devices
#9.The Style Guide for Super MomsParenting and Kids’ Fashion
#10.The Travelling ToucanTravel

1. The Anonymous Armadillo 

This name is a perfect, trendy name for a blog that talks about topics related to tech and software, as well as guides on using certain online tools and tricks. 

Anonymous Armadillo is a common name for anonymous viewers on a Google Doc, and this blog name resonates with a younger, more tech-savvy audience who wish to know more about the industry, the latest updates in the software they may use every day for work, and school, as well as guides to use the tool(s) to the fullest. 

2. She’s Glowing! 

This blog name can be used in two different niches and can target two different reader segments, albeit both of them women. 

She’s Glowing is the perfect trendy blog name for blogs on skincare and beauty, as well as wellness and food blogs that focus on nourishing one’s skin and enhancing one’s glow. 

The second reader segment you can target with a blog named “She’s Glowing” is expecting mothers or aspiring mothers. This blog can have guides on nutrition, exercise, medical advice, as well as parenting tips for young and expecting mothers. 

3. Budget Grub 

College students and working professionals are two groups that need cheap, quick, and healthy meal prep ideas, and a blog that covers budget recipes, healthy but affordable meals, as well as recommendations for food outlets/restaurants that are easy on the pocket can be named Budget Grub. 

The name is short, catchy, and clearly outlines what your readers will gain from your blog. For a younger audience, you must ensure that your blog name is catchy and only of a few words so that it is recollected easily and can be promoted through word-of-the-mouth without much effort. 

4. To Read or Not To Read

A clever wordplay on Shakespeare’s most famous quotes, this trendy blog title can be used by bloggers that post book reviews or even fanfiction or alternate storylines for their favorite books. 

The readership for this niche can vary from young teens to adults that love reading classics, so you must make sure you segment your content well. 

5. Peach Please 

Peach is a common reference for one’s bottom used by gym-goers and fitness freaks, and if you’re looking for a trendy name for a gym, fitness, or health and exercise blog for a younger audience, this name is the perfect one for you. 

Note that this trendy blog name may not work as well for older audiences because the word is colloquially used by teens and young adults. 

6. It’s Dollar Sense!

Another form of wordplay on the phrase “common sense”, finance-based blogs can use this trendy blog name for a variety of blog topics related to finance, such as investment guidance, updates on trends in the market, as well as personal financial advice. 

7. Pretty in Pink 

This trendy blog name can be used for a variety of blogs, which makes it a highly versatile one. A few examples of blogs that can use this name are blogs that deal with fashion advice, inputs, and opinions on recent fashion trends, as well as blogs on interior design and architecture. 

Pretty in Pink is a blog name that you can use for a variety of niches and will be received well by both younger and older audiences. 

8. Reboot Robot

Reboot Robot is a blog title specifically for tech and electronic appliances. If you’re a blog that compares various electronic appliances such as phones, refrigerators, microwaves, and even phones, Reboot Robot is the perfect name for your blog. Note that this name may not be the best for solely tech blogs, but more suited for hardware and appliance blogs. 

9. The Style Guide for Super Moms 

The blog name may be a little longer than the others, but it is catchy and snappy and highlights exactly what your blog is about, and who it is for. You can use this blog and tweak it for your target audiences, such as college students, working professionals, and even tweens! You can use this blog name for fashion advice for your particular segment of readers, suggest the latest trends, and give your opinions on certain pieces and styles, to name a few ideas. 

10. The Travelling Toucan 

This trendy blog name is catchy and memorable and works great for any travel blog. The blog name clearly defines your blog’s content and is crisp enough for your audience to remember it at the drop of a hat. You can also experiment with the same format for your blog related to meals-on-the-go, airline reviews, as well as hotel reviews! 

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Wrapping Up! Trending Blog Name Ideas

All in all, your blog name is your biggest asset, as it is something your audiences will remember your blog and its content by. 

You should ensure that you pick a name that is related to your content, aligns with the lingo that your target audience uses, and is snappy and short for better and easier recall. 

Using the 10 trendy blog names that I’ve mentioned above, you can come up with a blog name that is a stellar face of your content and your writing! 

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