12 Best AI Image Generators To Create AI Art In 2024

Looking for best AI Image Generators? Here we have listed below 12 top AI Image Generators. Artificial intelligence is helping automate tasks that, a few years back, would’ve taken hours or even days to complete. One excellent use of AI-based tools to ease up marketing efforts and speed up your content creation process is AI Image Generators. 

These art generators are often open source, with some of them requiring just a few words to create original, impactful, engaging art. 

The best part about art generators built using AI? 

They constantly update themselves using either instruction from the developers or after incorporating feedback from the users. For example, if you ask an AI-based art generator to create an image of a goldfish, and it gives you an incomplete or incorrect image, your feedback will be taken into consideration by the tool, making it more accurate the next time someone asks it to create an image of a goldfish. 

In this blog, we will be covering the 12 best AI art generators that you can use to create paintings, sketches, and even portraits, to use for both personal and professional use. 

Using AI-based tools such as the ones I will be taking you through comes with loads of benefits – the process of creating images is fast, intuitive, extremely creative, and above all, unique. 

Top 10 AI Image Generators You Can’t-Miss Out On!

Here are the Top 10 AI Image Generators for 2024

RankTool nameBest forMy rating
#1.Jasper ArtProfessionals and artists looking for a paid tool5/5
#2.Dream by WOMBO Artists and creative designers5/5
#3.NightcafeDigital artists5/5
#4.starryaiBeginners and individuals looking for an easy-to-use tool4.5/5
#5.DALL-E 2Artists and creative designers4.5/5
#6.Deep Dream AI Art GeneratorResearchers, marketers, gameplay developers4.5/5
#7.FotorEditors, designers4/5
#8.Stable DiffusionArtists and creative designers4.5/5
#9.ArtbreederArtists, game illustrators4.5/5
#10AI Time Machine For Creating Family Tree 4/5

1. Jasper Art:

If you’ve heard of Jasper AI, you must’ve heard of Jasper Art. A premium AI tool that lets you create stunning images in a matter of seconds, Jasper Art is one of the best AI-based tools I’ve used, owing to its simple interface, intuitive image-generation process, and diverse community of artists, marketers, business owners, etc. 

Jasper Art Overview

Jasper Art supports multiple art styles and has received glowing reviews for its customer support. In my opinion, is a worthwhile investment if you wish to opt for a tool that you can utilise to the maximum instead of spending precious time and effort scouring for the right stock photo. 

Jasper Art Key Features:

Here are the features of Jasper Art

  • Fully customisable, with multiple colours and image quality options 
  • Supports over 19 mood options 
  • Completely beginner-friendly
  • Supports multiple art styles such as abstract artworks, modernist, classical, textured illustrations, cartoons, etc. 
  • ML-based, constantly improves based on the feedback it receives 
  • Accessible dashboard 
  • Easy image export

Jasper Art Pricing:

Here are the Pricing of Jasper Art

  • Personal plans start at $20 monthly 

2. Dream by WOMBO:

A completely beginner-friendly tool, Dream is the best tool to start with if you’re still figuring out the best use for an AI art generator when it comes to boosting your marketing efforts or simply playing around with different art styles and prompts. 

Dream by WOMBO 

Dream has been around for a while and has gained popularity for its various style options, a few of them being realism, expressionism, vector, cartoon style, and meme style. 

To use Dream, you must pick an art style, enter a prompt of your choice, and hit “Create”!. Here’s an image it generated for “Disney princesses, but make it modernist”, using the Vector style option. 

Dream by WOMBO Key Features: 

Here are the features of WOMBO

  • Quick and easy image creation 
  • 15+ art styles to choose from 
  • Allows for an image upload for Dream’s reference 
  • Multiple export options 
  • “Creator” profiles allow you to follow and take inspiration from other Dream users! 

Dream by WOMBO Pricing: 

Here are the Pricing of WOMBO

  • Dream is completely free of cost

3 Nightcafe:

Nightcafe is another extremely popular art generator that is a favorite amongst creators that are both new to the AI space as well as experienced. It offers multiple free options and works on a credit system, where you can create images for a certain amount of credits. 

In order to earn credits, you can participate in the Nightcafe Community. Nightcafe is one of the most community-centric AI tools that use a text-to-image model. 

Nightcafe Overview

You can join the Nightcafe community across various social media apps, such as Discord, Reddit, and Facebook. 

Nightcafe is available as an app as well as a web-based tool, where you must enter prompts, which can be as detailed as you like, to create original images – so far, it has created over 71 million images! 

Nightcafe Key Features: 

Here are the features of Nightcafe

  • Offers 3 different AI image creation algorithms – Neural Style Transfer, VQGAN+CLIP, and CLIP-Guided Diffusion. 
  • 28-artworks a day limit 
  • Bulk create and bulk download options 
  • Multiple style options 
  • Works on both desktop and mobile devices 

Nightcafe Pricing: 

Here are the Pricing of Nightcafe

  • Nightcafe is completely free to use. 

4. Starry AI:

A completely free-of-cost AI-based art generator that aims to simplify the process of text-to-image creation, starryai is a great tool for any beginner looking to venture on a journey of AI-based art without investing too much in the beginning. 

Starry AI Overview

The reason why I like this tool is that it is extremely intuitive in terms of image creation, as well as extremely responsive to feedback. 

It is updated quite regularly, and users report that their results have been generated more accurately and quickly and have been backed by intuitive recommendations for their next creation. 

Starry AI Key Features: 

Here are the features of Starry AI

  • Lets you generate up to 5 artworks daily 
  • Large user community 
  • Offers complete ownership for your artwork 
  • 1000+ style options 
  • Bulk create and bulk download options
  • Custom sizing 

Starry AI Pricing:

Here are the Pricing of Starry AI Pricing

  • starryai is completely free of cost 

5. DALL-E 2:

In order to use DALL-E 2,  a highly intuitive, popular AI art generator, you receive about 50 credits, which you can use to create artwork across multiple styles. 

DALL·E 2 Overview - AI Image Generators

The best and most unique part of DALL-E 2 is that it creates hyperrealistic images. You can choose any prompt you want and provide details about the art style, components, as well as setting. 

A solid example of this is “Teddy bears shopping for groceries in Ancient Egypt”. Here is the result DALL-E 2 gives you – 

DALL-E lets you create any image as long you clearly instruct it to. It has a huge user community, as well as an informative blog that updates you about new releases and new artworks, as well as tips on using the generator. 

DALL-E 2 Key Features: 

Here are the features of DALL-E 2

  • Adds realistic elements to pre-existing images based on natural language caption 
  • Can create copies/recreations of famous artworks or images 
  • Excellent image resolution 
  • Multiple style options 

DALL-E 2 Pricing:

Here are the Pricing of DALL-E 2

  • DALL-E 2 is completely free of cost and can be used by anyone after a quick sign-up process

6. Deep Dream Art Generator:

An AI art generator with incredible bonus features, Deep Dream Art Generator is used by marketers, students, artists, and business owners alike, all owing to its 0-code model. 

Human AI - AI Image Generators

All you need to do is select the Deep Dream tool you wish to use – the three tools it offers are Text 2 Dream, Deep Dream, and Deep Style. 

For more information about each of these tools, as well as to see former pieces created using them, check this out! Deep Dream is completely free of cost for a trial, as most of the tools in this list, and offers its users an enormous amount of flexibility when it comes to designing, without any difficult learning curve or coding skills as a prerequisite. 

Deep Dream Art Generator Key Features: 

Here are the features of Deep Dream Art Generator

  • Social sharing features 
  • Large user community 
  • 3 AI models 
  • Flexibility to create up to 3 artworks after you sign up 
  • Powerful learning systems for better feedback analysis 

Deep Dream Art Generator Pricing:

Here are the Pricing of Deep Dream Art Generator

  • Apart from a free trial, Deep Dream offers three premium plans that start at $19/month and go up to $99/month for businesses and professionals.

7. Fotor:

Fotor is primarily marketed as a photo editor and millions of people use it every day to generate high-quality, original artwork for personal and professional needs. 

Fotor Overview - AI Image Generators

A few examples of what Fotor can do for you are –  realistic face images, 3D and anime characters, paintings, and digital art of any type. This flexibility makes it a preferred tool for individuals in the marketing, art, and visual advertising spaces. 

Fotor Key features: 

Here are the features of Fotor

  • Generate upto 10 free artworks every day 
  • Ultra quick mode for image generation 
  • 8+ conversion styles for your artworks
  • 2 image conversion models – text-to-image and image-to-image

Fotor Pricing:

Here are the Pricing of Fotor

  • The basic plan is completely free of cost, with premium plans starting at $8.99/month 

8. Stable Diffusion:

An art generator trained on the LAION-5B dataset, which scrapes data (text-image pairs) from the Internet to create original art, Stable Diffusion is a robust tool. 

Stable Diffusion Overview - AI Image Generators

You should definitely experiment with multiple art styles, settings, elements, and themes with Stable Diffusion, and watch it create hyperrealistic images from scratch, that are 100% free to use by you for research and professional purposes. 

You can use Stable Diffusion to create photographic images, illustrations, 3D models, logos, and more. 

Stable Diffusion Key Features: 

Here are the features of Stable Diffusion

  • Generate multiple images at a time 
  • High-resolution output 
  • Customization options that let you edit your artwork according to your needs 
  • API access
  • Completely anonymous image generation 

Stable Diffusion Pricing:

Here are the Pricing of Stable Diffusion

  • Stable Diffusion is completely free of cost

9. Artbreeder:

If you’re looking to make high-quality collages with images without having to manipulate code or complex tools, Artbreeder is the perfect AI-based art generator. 

With Artbreeder, you can fuse together multiple images of your choice to create a single hyperrealistic image. You can use the Splicer option to mix together various facial features to create images – 

Artbreeder Overview - AI Image Generators

The two images above are created using Artbreeder, and you can try out the Splicer for yourself here. 

Artbreeder also boasts of a great community where you can share ideas, get inspired, and ask and answer queries with other Artbreeder users. 

The tool is also praised for the flexible and accessible pricing plans that make it perfect for professionals and other individuals to use the tool for various purposes, in and out of work. Funky, innovative, and flexible, Artbreeder is a personal favorite. 

Artbreeder Key Features: 

Here are the features of Artbreeder

  • Create 100% original images
  • Supports animation
  • Image upload option 
  • Multiple customization options 
  • “Random” feature 
  • “Pitch” feature allows you to customize your image’s direction towards or away from the sky

Artbreeder Pricing: 

Here are the Pricing of Artbreeder

  • While Artbreeder has a basic, free plan, it also offers plans that start at $7.49 per user.

10. Craiyon:

Formerly known as Dall-E Mini, Craiyon was the talk of the town a few months back due to its intuitive (often hilarious) responses to text prompts. Developed by the same lab as DALL-E 2, Dall-E Mini is a great, incredible easy-to-use art generator. The tool works great with prompts that include precise commands, and references to popular, extremely recognizable faces and elements. 

Craiyon Overview - AI Image Generators

The AI can create images that you can customize by shapes, differences in perspective, color combinations, line thicknesses, and other elements that you may want to include. 

Craiyon Key Features: 

Here are the Features of Craiyon

  • No signup or registration is needed 
  • Unlimited image generation for a lifetime
  • You can generate upto 9 images at a time
  • Beginner-friendly 

Craiyon Pricing: 

Here are the Pricing of Craiyon

  • Craiyon is completely free of cost

11. AI Time Machine

AI Time Machine - AI Image Generators

My Heritage’s AI is an AI Image generator that take you back in history, any period of the history and show you how will you looked during that specific time period. To get started with AI Time Machine, all you have to do is upload about 10 to 25 images of yourself and then let the AI do its magic. It will use those images to create how your ancestors would have looked in the past. This will take 30-90 mins to generate the desired image. You don’t need an account for this, you can use this without those complications. Make sure when you upload the images you upload from different angles and not the same for better results.

AI Time Machine Key Features :

Here are the Features of All Time Machine:

  • You can generate up to 160 images on My Heritage’s AI.
  • Pictures come in high quality.
  • Virtual time travel

AI Time Machine Pricing :

First 160 images are free. The Avatar Package starts at $10 with 320+ images. All inclusive package will cost you $18 for 800+ images.

12. Midjourney

Midjourney Overview - AI Image Generators

Last in our list of Top AI Image Generators is Midjourney. It is considered to be one of the best AI Image Generators in the market. It generates images pretty faster. You just have to put in the text and then let Midjourney do its magic. There are many artist who look up to Midjourney for inspiration. In an AI generated art competition held in Colorado State Fair, Midjourney won first prize for it’s fine art.

Currently Midjourney is hosted on Discord Server, so to generate images with Midjourney you will have to connect with Midjourney Discord channel.

Midjourney Key Features:

Here are the Features of Midjourney:

  • Easy and Simple to Understand
  • AI Images are generated very quickly
  • 4 options per result
  • High quality images are created

Midjourney Pricing:

It will cost you from $10 to $60 per month.

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Wrapping Up: Best AI Image Generators (2024)

So far, we’ve covered the 12 best AI art generators that you can use to speed up your artwork generation efforts, be it at university, work, or for personal uses. The list mostly includes art generators that are completely free of cost and extremely beginner-friendly, and require 0 former knowledge of code. 

The best art generator in terms of customizability, accuracy, speed, and accessibility is Jasper Art. I recommend it for its customization options, efficient customer service, and engaging creative community, as well as pricing plans. 

It is important to review your business/design needs before opting for any art generator before investing in one, and once you’ve got your goals ready, you’re all set to design! 

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