11 Best WordPress Membership Plugins To Use In 2024

Looking for Best WordPress Membership Plugins for your WordPress Website? Let me help you.

According to you what is the best way to improve your churn rate and deliver a great user experience for your product or service? 

Setting up a membership program for your frequent and loyal customers. 

Many brands are hopping on this trend and rewarding their customers for choosing their product/service over their competitors. Setting up a membership program can involve multiple things. 

Be it a system for loyalty points, paid features, members-only newsletters, early access to new products, or even a member forum, a membership site/page is definitely something you should consider. 

On WordPress, setting this up is an extremely easy process, with the help of hundreds of tools that help you with all aspects of membership-only pages. In this blog, I’ll be taking you through 10 of the best membership plugins WordPress has to offer. 

These plugins are personal favourites of mine, thanks to their accessibility, ease of setup, functionality, and overall performance. 

11 Simply Stunning WordPress Membership Plugins In 2024

Check out these WordPress Membership Plugins if you are confused about which one to pick;

RankPlugin NameFeaturesPricing ($)Our Rating
#1.Ultimate MemberDeveloper-friendly workspace with a clutter-free interface $249/year5/5
#2.WP-MembersMultiple free extensions $125/year5/5
#3.WishList MemberSupports Zapier and provides you access to 2000+ plugin integrations $149/year4.5/5
#4.LearnDashIntegrated with PayPal, Slack, Easy Digital Downloads, Zapier, MailChimp, BuddyPress$159/year4.5/5
#5.MemberPressCustomizable coupons $179/year4.5/5
#6.SUMO MembershipsEdit, delete, and create new roles according to your needs $39/year4/5
#7.WooCommerce MembershipsCustomizable coupon codes with WooCommerce Subscriptions integration$149/year4/5
#8.WP Private Content PlusRestrict widgets, menu items, and pages based on user status $69/year4/5
#9.ARMemberEnhanced security features such as prevention of brute force login, CAPTCHA, and access restrictions.$594/5
#10 OptinMonsterDetailed Analytics $9 – $49/mo4.2/5
#11Member MouseeCommerce solution for subscription and membership $199.50/year4.3/5

1. Ultimate Member 

With over 200,000 downloads and counting, Ultimate Member is a plugin perfect for all your brand membership needs. It is available in both free and paid versions, depending on your business needs and budget. If you’re an MSME owner looking for a reliable membership plugin that allows for customisability and error-free functioning, Ultimate Member is the plugin for you. 

wordPress-Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member Key features:

Let’s look at the key features of Ultimate Member

  • Drag and drop builder for beginner-friendly setup 
  • Developer-friendly workspace with a clutter-free interface 
  • Member Directories 
  • Conditional logic for personalised member pages 
  • Integrated with ForumWP and JobsBoardWP
  • Multiple free add-ons such as Google reCAPTCHA and Terms and Conditions (T&C) agreement
  • Integrated with Elementor and Beaver Builder 
  • Optimised for mobile devices 

Ultimate Member Pricing:

Apart from the free plan, you can buy the Extensions pass a plan for $249 per year.

2. WP-Members 

A plugin that is completely free of cost, WP-Members comes packed with features that allow you to optimise your membership efforts to the fullest without worrying about whether the price you’re paying for the plugin is worth the features you’re getting. WP-Members users can avail of multiple integrations with useful extensions that help with email marketing, exclusive access to products, as well as member sign-ups. The plugin has received great reviews for its responsiveness and comprehensive range of features. 


WP-Members Key features: 

Let’s look at the key features of WP Members

  • Custom registration page options 
  • Automatic teaser and “Sneak Peek” content 
  • Multiple actions and filter hooks 
  • Customisable with API functions 
  • Multiple free extensions 
  • Integration with Mailchimp, Download Protect, and Salesforce in the Pro Bundle 

WP-Members Pricing:

Completely free of cost, the Pro Bundle with extension support costs $125 per year 

3. WishList Member 

If you’ve been around WordPress for a while, you’ll know just how popular and efficient a plugin WishList Member is. It has over 100,000 downloads and boasts features that range from setting up paid membership programs, email marketing options, and archiving content, to automating multiple membership functions for a smooth and strong membership setup for your WordPress website. 

WordPress-WishList Member 

WishList Member Key features: 

Let’s look at the key features of WishList Member

  • Customisable membership levels 
  • Options for targeted marketing to specific membership levels 
  • Restricted and archived access to content 
  • Supports multiple payment setups
  • Integrated with site management tools, email marketing extensions, and drag-and-drop page builders 
  • Supports Zapier and provides you access to 2000+ plugin integrations 
  • GDFR-compliant 

WishList Member Pricing:

Plans start at $149 per year 

4. LearnDash 

If you’re an online educator, LearnDash is the plugin for all your course needs. This plugin is built exclusively for site owners and educators that wish to publish and sell courses on a WordPress website. Selling courses online is a member-only business, and a powerful plugin like LearnDash ensures that your audience has an enjoyable and engaging learning experience without any lags or issues in the user pipeline, such as a glitchy payment gateway, incomplete access to features, etc. Along with features for you, the educator, the plugin also comes with powerful features that support your audience’s learning journey – an aspect that makes LearnDash one of the most popular membership plugins on WordPress. 


LearnDash Key features: 

Let’s look at the key features of LearnDash

  • Drag and drop builder 
  • Focus Mode option to offer dedicated learning periods for your audience 
  • Offers support for both one-time product purchases and recurring subscriptions 
  • Group management features 
  • Detailed reports 
  • Option to comment, grade, and assign courses and assignments 
  • Feedback delivery features 
  • Integrated with PayPal, Slack, Easy Digital Downloads, Zapier, MailChimp, BuddyPress
  • Multiple pre-made templates 
  • Dynamic content delivery 
  • Multisite enabled

LearnDash Pricing:

Plans start at $159 per year for single-site access

5. MemberPress 

An extremely beginner-friendly membership plugin, MemberPress is a plugin built for e-learning platforms. It comes with a comprehensive range of features that can help you scale up your brand and products and ensure a hassle-free UX in the long term. Memberpress is deeply integrated with popular WordPress forum plugins, such as bbPress, that can be optimised to build a notable site experience. One feature that’s a personal favourite of mine is MemberPress’s coupon code feature. With just a few clicks, you can customise coupon codes for your members/audience so that they can avail of a special discount or bonus learning materials – with such a wide variety of features, the opportunities to work on your brand experience are limitless. 


MemberPress Key features: 

Let’s look at the key features of MemberPress

  • Easy build and sell options for courses 
  • Customizable coupons 
  • Premium community forums
  • Beginner-friendly setup and editing options 
  • Customisable pages, child pages, posts, custom post types, categories, and tags
  • Restricted access options 
  • Supports multiple payment gateways 
  • Timed Content 
  • Integrated with WordPress affiliate plugins 
  • Automated billing systems

MemberPress Pricing:

Plans start from $179 per year 

6. SUMO Memberships 

If you’re an e-commerce owner looking for a plugin that’s deeply integrated with WooCommerce, you should consider buying the SUMO Memberships plugin. SUMO lets you design a members-only section on your website, to allow for members-only benefits such as early access and pre-booking, limited edition product sales, as well as community forums. 

WordPress Membership Plugins -SUMO Memberships 

SUMO Memberships Key features:

Let’s look at the key features of SUMO Memberships

  • Front-end user registration options with profile and login setup 
  • Restricted access options 
  • Edit, delete, and create new roles according to your needs 
  • Excerpt display of restricted posts and items
  • Free and paid trial options 
  • WPML compatible 
  • High customizable layout 
  • Translation ready 
  • Master Log options 

SUMO Memberships Pricing:

You can get this plugin for $39 per year

7. WooCommerce Memberships 

Built specifically for site owners who wish to limit the sale of certain items on their website to their members, WooCommerce memberships is a solid plugin and is being used by over 66,000+ websites on WordPress. The plugin isn’t comprehensive, and you may need to opt for other subscriptions for services such as payments, but as an overall membership plugin for e-commerce stores, WooCommerce is a solid recommendation from my end. 

WordPress Membership Plugins -WooCommerce Memberships 

WooCommerce Memberships Key features: 

Let’s look at the key features of WooCommerce Memberships

  • Free trials and signups option 
  • Customizable coupon codes with WooCommerce Subscriptions integration
  • Sell or assign memberships
  • Schedule content access 
  • Purchase and product restriction options 
  • Multiple shipping settings for members and non-members 
  • Import and export members 
  • Multiple member reward options 
  • Feature to set up corporate membership plans

WooCommerce Memberships Pricing:

Plans for one site access start at $149 per year

8. WP Private Content Plus 

A one-of-its-kind plugin, WP Private Content Plus helps you manage all of your restricted and/or private website content, as part of your membership system on your website. With this plugin, you can easily restrict non-member audiences from viewing members-only content, an aspect of your brand experience they have to pay for to access. It comes with a free-lite version and is a responsive option for any site beginner looking to try and test out membership plugins. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the plugin, its features, its interface, and all of the aspects of your website it lets you control, you can opt for its paid Pro version. 

WordPress Membership Plugins - Private Content Plus 

WP Private Content Plus Key features: 

Let’s look at the key features of WP Private Content Plus

  • Limit user access to custom post types 
  • Integrated with WooCommerce 
  • Multiple payment options supported
  • Private page dashboard feature 
  • Integrated with Mailchimp for email marketing support
  • Restrict widgets, menu items, and pages based on user status 

WP Private Content Plus Pricing:

The base plan is free while upgrading to the Pro version starts at $69 per year. 

9. ARMember 

A completely beginner-friendly membership plugin, ARMember has been featured in my top 11 list because of its user-friendliness, efficiency, and optimisation features.

WordPress-ARMember - WordPress Membership Plugins

Sites with multiple membership levels and, thus, different levels of content access find ARMember a helpful plugin to have, especially while coordinating with payment gateways at the end of each billing cycle. On the UX side of things, ARMember allows your audience to view their current membership level and also allows them to opt for a higher or lower level depending on their requirements. This flexibility allows both the user and site owner to make the most out of the company’s membership plans. 

ARMember Key features: 

Let’s look at the key features of ARMember 

  • Content dripping 
  • Pay-per-post features for specific membership levels or guest viewing 
  • Integrated with multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net.
  • Responsive membership setup wizard 
  • Enhanced security features such as prevention of brute force login, CAPTCHA, and access restrictions.

ARMember Pricing:

A one-time payment for a single website costs $59 

10. OptinMonster

It can be said that OptinMonster is one of the best toolkit in the market if not the best. OptinMonster can help you get more users on your sites. It is a Premium WordPress Plugin which can be used as Subscription plugin or Membership Plugin. It can also be used for campaigns with many options available for the campaign types. Pop ups, ways to increase conversions and much more. It is an easy drag and drop, simple to understand and templates which comes with plenty of options.

Optinmonster Overview - WordPress Membership Plugins

OptinMonster Key features :

Let’s look at the key features of OptinMonster

  • Easy Drag & Drop
  • Can do different types of Campaigns
  • Targeting your audience control
  • Detailed Analytics

OptinMonster Pricing :

$9 to $49 is the pricing range of OptinMonster with different plans.

11. Membermouse

Last in our list of Best WordPress Membership Plugins is Member Mouse. It is built for people who want to build a sales based site. You will be billed monthly rather than yearly. This makes it cost effective. With this you will have a 14 days trail to know the plugin better and then decide whether you want to go for it or not.

Membermouse Overview

The interface is simple and easy to understand. It is a complete tool to manage, products, memberships, and paid subscription. You can also have integration with email automation services such as Active Campaign, Mailchimp and much more. Member Mouse provides support to Stripe, PayPal and much more. The only drawback is they don’t allow you create custom forms.

Membermouse Key Features

Let’s have a look at the Member Mouse Key Features

  • 14 days free trail available
  • Different types of payment options available
  • On click purchase.
  • eCommerce solution for subscription and membership

Membermouse Key Pricing

There are 4 plans, 1. Basic , 2. Plus, 3. Pro, and 4. Elite. The pricing plan starts at $199.50/year.

MemberMouse Pricing Overview

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Final Thoughts: WordPress Membership Plugins (2024)

Setting up a WordPress Membership Plugins is an excellent way to promote your products and services to your audience, offer privileges to loyal customers, and set up recurring revenue streams. 

Using the right WordPress membership plugin is the best way to get started on this, and for me, Ultimate Member is the most comprehensive plugin you can opt for without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. 

With its multiple integrations with Captcha, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and ForumWP, its interface is completely beginner-friendly and offers multiple customisation options, and if you’re unsure about whether it is the right fit for your site, you can get started with the free version! 

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