11 Best AI Website Builders Of 2024 (Top Picks)

Using AI to build digital products isn’t new at all – AI website builders have been around for some time.

The way Al lives is slowly changing, from the way one eats to the way one travels. As a result, this technology has also affected the website design industry, making lives easier.

Over the years, AI website builders have been hyped and fallen short, but today there are a decent number of AI website builders on the market.

It has become commonplace to find websites that offer beautiful, fully-functioning websites so quickly, intelligently, and with hardly any user input required.

Read on if you are interested in getting a website designed and developed quickly, easily, and at a reasonable price. This article will overview the most popular AI web builders available.

Best AI Website Builder (Top 4 Recommendations)

With this list, you can build fast, modern websites without putting in a lot of effort and time.

AI Website Builders Features PricingBest for
Wix Adi A template is automatically created using text and images AI-powered website builder$0.98/monthPeople seeking a mix of AI-building and customization options
ZyroToolkits for branding.Easy to edit photos$1.66/monthThose on a budget
B12Develop mobile-friendly website importing and exporting content$49/monthMission-critical sites that need a human touch
BookmarkSimple and fast web design website design automation$11.99/monthSites targeting a global audience

This was just an overview of top AI website builders. For a detailed review, continue reading the article. 

11 Top AI Website Builders

Here everything you need to know about Top 11 AI Website Builders in detail.

1. Wix ADI:

In the world of site builders, Wix is one of the most popular because the templates it offers are stunning. Besides paving the way for the use of AI in website creation and design, Wix also launched ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This algorithm utilizes machine learning to create and design websites.

Wix Overview

If you choose to use Wix ADI, you will be given a set of guidelines you will need to follow to create a professional-looking and unique website design. There is no fee to use this platform, and you’ll need a paid plan to take advantage of its unique features.

Wix ADI Features :

Here are the features of Wix ADI :

  • Easily customize and edit your project with simple website development tools
  • A template is automatically created using text and images taken from the internet
  • An AI-powered website builder 

Wix ADI Pricing :

Wix has a free plan, but it comes with limited features and also has Wix ads on it, as well as a Wix domain name. A Wix premium plan can be tried by you for 14 days, during which period you can cancel, and you will receive a full refund.

The website plans start at $0.98/month for the basic website plan and go up to $6.13/month for the business and eCommerce plans. You can access the ADI through any of the Wix plans – free or paid – that you choose.

2. 10Web AI:

10Web is a WordPress platform that is completely automated and powered by Google Cloud. By copying and pasting any URL into the AI builder, you can create a nearly identical layout; think of it as your website builder.

10Web Overview

With the AI software available at 10Web, you can easily copy any existing site that you already have – excellent if you have difficulty moving it. As an added benefit to Web10, all websites that are transferred and converted into WordPress-powered websites are free.

10Web AI Features :

Here are the features of Wix ADI :

  • Backing up in real-time
  • Get a free SSL certificate
  • One dashboard for managing all sites
  • Fully automated WordPress migration

10Web AI Pricing :

There are three paid plans from 10Web: Personal, Premium, and Agency. With each tier, you can pay by month, year, or both, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Pricing starts from $14/month and goes upto $85/month.

3. Zyro:

With only a few years on the market, Zyro has already made quite a name for its website-building niche.

A great alternative to the functionality of Wix, Zyro’s website builder comes with a wide selection of stunning templates for your website and offers a host of features.

Zyro Overview

Many AI-powered tools are at your disposal, including a generator of business names, logo makers, blog writers, and many more.

Zyro Features :

Here are the features of Zyro:

  • Toolkits for branding.
  • A smart way to edit photos.
  • Heatmap of artificial intelligence.

Zyro Pricing :

There are two main pricing plans for Zyro: Website and Business (which adds eCommerce features). Prices are per month, yearly, and biannually. Zyro does not offer a free plan, but its $1.66 per month option and $3.31 per month option are both affordable and cost-effective. The tool even has a text generator for those who need written content.

4. Bookmark AiDA:

You can create a website quickly using Bookmark’s AiDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant). As it understands the challenges of designing a website, it has eliminated those points, making the process easier. Like in other AI-driven web design builders, there will be a question about your brand on the page. It will provide you with different versions of your optimized website within a few minutes of using it.

Bookmark AiDA Overview

Everyone can design on the platform using drag-and-drop, regardless of their design experience.

Bookmark AiDA Features :

Here are the features of Bookmark AiDA:

  • Simple and fast web design
  • Website design automation
  • Variability in Templates

Bookmark AiDA Pricing :

The Bookmark system can be used for free but has some restrictions. Upgrade your website builder subscription to improve project performance. The cost of their services is $24.99 (business plan) per month and $11.99(professional plan) per month.

5. B12 Editor:

By analyzing your website using artificial intelligence, B12 can make monthly recommendations on the improvements you need to make. Moreover, this AI website builder automatically keeps track of the current user interface trends for you, eliminating your worries.

B12 Editor

In addition to setting up the basic website and gathering information about your business, the AI is also responsible for gathering information about your company. The staff member at B12 will make sure your site stands out from the rest because they are the ones who customize it.

B12 Editor Features :

Here are the features of B12 Editor:

  • Develop mobile-friendly websites
  • Importing and exporting content
  • Automated and human-assisted websites
  • Feature-rich real-time editing

B12 Editor Pricing :

The price of B12 is relatively high, and no free trial or plan is available. Rather than that, it offers two subscriptions, which are expensive but allow you to access top features. As a result, it will cost you $49 per month (basic plan), $199 (professional plan) per month, and $399 (advanced plan). For ordinary users, this is an expensive solution.

6. Weblium:

This is one of the easiest AI website builders on the market, with a drag-and-drop editor that will allow you to create a professional-looking website within minutes. There is no need for you to have any experience in coding or design to use it. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Weblium builds responsive websites that instantly fit your brand and your company.

Weblium Overview

Hundreds of templates are available for you to choose from, and they can assist you with hosting, domains, SSL security certificates, and other technical issues. With Weblium, teamwork is a breeze.

Weblium Features :

Here are the features of Weblium:

  • Users with a free account have unlimited storage space
  • Features included in the free plan that is quite generous
  • It is one of the cheapest website builders on the market
  • Tracks the performance of a website

Weblium Pricing :

A monthly subscription to Weblium starts at $8.25. 

7. Appypie:

By using Appy Pie’s AI Website Builder functionality, you will be able to build your website with ease, even if you do not have coding skills. Within three simple steps, you can launch your website on your favorite app store in no time.

Appie pie’s Overview

The software offers real-time updates, a no-code development feature, and many other valuable functions.

Appypie Features :

Here are the features of Appypie:

  • Keeping up-to-date in real-time
  • Do not consume much data
  • No core coding expertise needed

Appypie Pricing :

Appy Pie’s AI website builder prices start at $8.57 and go up to $19.61/per month for the enterprise plan. This includes unlimited bandwidth, site customization, marketing, monetizing tools, and many others.

8. Bizin.ai:

If you’re feeling creative regarding your website’s design, Bizin.ai can provide you with a professional and attractive one. This is highly suggested for those who own an e-commerce store since it focuses on the customer’s experience while developing a website.

Bizin.ai Overview - AI Website Builders

Many features are included in this software, such as tools for creating eCommerce websites, creating sales funnels, and writing content professionally.

Bizin.ai Features :

Here are the features of Bizin.ai:

  • Designing websites with the customer in mind 
  • Marketing services for managed websites 
  • Sales funnel creation and eCommerce features 

Bizin.ai Pricing :

Bizin.ai offers a free trial of 15 days, though. The service has enough major features to test, and regular users need to upgrade to a premium subscription. Their monthly rates range from $79 to $99, depending on the features, tools, and options they offer.

9. Leia:

This AI-powered website builder does not require any coding knowledge. It allows you to build clean custom projects in minutes and manage them daily. Creating and publishing beautiful responsive websites for businesses is made easy with this tool.

Leia Overview - AI Website Builders

You only need to create a picture of how your project should look, specify its features, and choose details that are important to its performance and design. Interestingly, Leia can design, code, and implement your ideas.

Leia Features :

Here are the features of Leia:

  • A unique design for your website
  • Commands using voice
  • An intuitive approach to web design

Leia Pricing :

The leia plan is free forever, but the premium plan is also pretty affordable. As the price ranges from $0.00 to $6.99 per month, there is almost no reason not to subscribe to this service.

10. Jimdo Dolphin

Released back in late 2017, Jimdo is known to be super easy-to-use web builder. An AI – Assisted builder that is fast and super smart. They did come up late but they have quickly covered up. You can set up a website in about 3-4 mins by just answering simple questions like the name of the website and basic questions for the website. Once Jimdo has all the information required, your website will be up and running. It is very easy to edit the website and make changes according to your convince. You can change your layouts, design or blocks and features whichever you want.

Jimdo Dolphin Overview - AI Website Builders

Jimdo Dolphin Features :

Here are the features of Jimdo Dolphin:

  • Super Easy and Simple to Understand
  • Can Customize the layout, design and blocks if required.
  • Includes Color Themes, fonts & animations.

Jimdo Dolphin Pricing :

It does have a free plan, which will allow you to have 5 subpages.

Start up Plan starts at $9 with 10 subpages.

Grow Plan starts at $50 with 15 subpages and more storage.

The Unlimited Plan costs you $39 with unlimited pages.

11. TeleportHQ

Last in our list of AI Website Builders is TeleportHQ. It is recognized as an AI- Powered Front end Developer. Beginners can create a website very easily with TeleportHQ. You can drag & drop which makes it simple for the user to create a website. With this Tool, you are able to place or group items wherever you want, which is why it makes the platform easy and simple without the need of coding. TeleportHQ handles all the updates related to Drag & Drop functionality.

TeleportHQ Overview - AI Website Builders

TeleportHQ Features :

Here are the features of TeleportHQ Features:

  • Customization available
  • Updated SEO Tools
  • Static Websites Templates available
  • Live Preview available

TeleportHQ Pricing:

TeleportHQ is a free tool, you can use the free version with basic features too. Though, it comes with two paid plans. Starting from Euro 15/mo per editor.

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Conclusion: Best AI Website Builder (2024)

If you are looking for the best AI website builder for your project, you need to consider how much control you are willing to give yourself over the design and content of your site. What exactly do you want from the builder? Is there anything you want it to do for you, or would you like it to automate everything for you? Additionally, remember that the quality of your site is strongly influenced by the information you can provide to the web developer.

When you wish to have both smart tools as well as the power to customize your website, Wix is the best choice. In addition to saving you time, Wix ADI allows you to edit your site easily. Wix also offers hundreds of apps for extending the functionality of your site.

When it comes to value for money, Zyro has a lot to offer. Besides its frequent discounts, this site provides many smart business tools that simplify the process of running a website.

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