5+ Best WordPress Page Builders In (2022)

Do you want to create a website without having to write any code? Hiring a developer would do the trick, but it would be very expensive. WordPress page builders, thankfully, have made it possible to create a professional WordPress site on your own, cheaply and easily, with no coding skills required.

What Is a WordPress Page Builder?

WordPress page builders are plugins that replace the standard WordPress editor with an interface that allows you to drag and drop elements such as buttons, social icons, galleries, and images onto a template and watch your website come to life right away. You can use these tools to create, edit, and customize your website layout without having to write any code. In this article, we will compare the best WordPress drag and drop page builders.

List Of 5+ Best WordPress Page Builders of (2022)

Do you want to customize your website with the best WordPress page builder? Page builders make it simple to design and edit your website. Furthermore, with simple features, you won’t need any technical knowledge. In this article, we’ll show you the best WordPress page builders for quickly creating a site with no coding.

1. Elementor

Elementor is one of the more recent page builders on this list created in 2016. Despite its late start, Elementor has quickly amassed over 3,000,000 active installs on WordPress.org, making it the most popular page builder available, at least according to WordPress.org statistics.

Best WordPress Page Builder - Elementor

Its claim to fame is a fast, glitch-free visual interface, flexible styling options, and powerful additional features such as full theme building. Though it began as just a page editor, the premium version, Elementor Pro, now allows you to do much more than that. Over 80 design elements, including widgets, are available in Elementor to help you generate more traffic and leads. By simply clicking on it, you can edit and customize every aspect of your site.

Elementor - Drag And Drop

It, like the other plugins on this list, comes with ready-to-use templates. You can quickly import a template, customize its content, and publish a page. It saves you a significant amount of time. Because Elementor is a fully responsive plugin, your website will look great on any device. It’s also been updated with the most recent WordPress version, which includes the Block editor.

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2. Divi 

Divi is yet another powerful drag-and-drop WordPress page builder. Divi, like Beaver Builder and Visual Composer, is a true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that allows you to preview your design as you build. You can use Divi to customize everything, including fonts, colors, sizing, spacing, and so on, and create unique page layouts. 

Divi - Overview

Divi integrates seamlessly with some of the best small business website builders. It also includes over 20 pre-made layout templates to help you get started quickly. It also allows you to create and save your own Divi layouts, as well as import and export them for use on other Divi sites. Divi comes with 46 content modules that you can place anywhere in your layout by dragging and dropping them. You can arrange them in three section types and twenty-row types, and you can customize each element using its advanced design settings.

Divi - Template

Divi allows you to create any type of custom page layout you want in minutes. You can then save these Divi layouts for use on your site in the future. A layout can also be exported from one Divi installation to another.

3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a popular WordPress drag-and-drop page builder plugin. You can quickly become acquainted with their interface and begin using their built-in onboarding tour. It includes a live drag-and-drop interface. You can see all of your changes as you make them by dragging and dropping elements from the right sidebar onto your page. You can edit the properties of any element on a page by clicking on it.

Beaver Builder - Overview

Modules allow you to add almost anything you want, such as sliders, carousels, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons, and more. There are over 30 professionally-designed templates available if you want to start from scratch. By simply replacing the sample content with your own content and images, you can create a webpage even faster when using a template.

Beaver Builder - Design

Beaver Builder is also one of the best WordPress landing page plugins, allowing you to drag and drop content modules, edit, and create a landing page in minutes. It is a completely responsive and Gutenberg-compatible plugin. It’s available as a free and paid plugin. You can install its free version directly from WordPress.org for simple landing pages.

4. SeedProd 

SeedProd is a premium WordPress drag-and-drop landing page builder plugin. When it comes to speed and ease of use, we believe it is by far the best WordPress page builder on the market. You can choose from over 150+ beautiful pre-made templates or use their drag-and-drop WordPress page builder to create a completely custom layout (no coding needed). Sales pages, Landing pages, webinar registration pages, thank you pages, coming soon pages, 404 pages, maintenance mode pages, and more are all pre-built templates.

SeedProd - Overview

SeedProd has been designed with website speed in mind. It ensures that your pages load as quickly as possible, allowing you to rank higher in SEO. SeedProd includes a smart design system that allows you to save time by reusing elements rather than doing repetitive work. Color schemes, font combinations, page templates, custom blocks, sections, and other features are available.

SeedProd - Drag And Drop

But it is SeedProd’s user-friendliness and clean interface that distinguishes it as the best WordPress page builder. Anyone with no technical knowledge can begin using the plugin. Furthermore, there are numerous customization options for creating pages exactly how you want them. Furthermore, SeedProd integrates easily with third-party email marketing services such as Constant Contact, Drip, ActiveCampaign, and others.

5. Themify 

Themify is a well-known WordPress theme store that includes a Themify builder with all of their WordPress themes. The Themify Page Builder plugin is available for non-Themify WordPress themes. This easy-to-use page builder comes with a number of ready-to-use modules that you can add to your pages or posts. Many of these modules usually necessitate the installation of additional WordPress plugins.

Themify Builder

The plugin includes 40+ pre-designed layouts for various industries such as gyms, restaurants, portfolios, music, photography, and online stores. With a single click, you can import a layout, change its content, and create an awesome landing page in minutes. Themify Builder lets you edit your pages both in the admin area and on your live site. You can see exactly how your changes will appear on the site when you use live editing.

Style Theme

Aside from that, Themify Builder includes pre-made layouts that you can quickly apply to your page. Themify Builder also includes 60+ animation effects out of the box to help you create visually appealing pages. Themify Builder’s core plugin is free; however, you can purchase their Addon Bundle for advanced modules.

How to Choose The Right Page Builder?

Before you choose which page builder you need for your website, you need to first be sure of what you are looking for in a page builder. Here are a few things which you need to consider before using a particular page builder.

  • Ease of Use

A simple drag-and-drop interface is an excellent feature to seek, especially if it includes a real-time visual page editor. The live editing system allows you to design the page and see the changes as they happen. This enables anyone, regardless of skill level or experience, to begin designing a website.

Look for history control and front-end text editing as well. Users can undo and recover revisions, as well as draught written content directly on the front end. WordPress page builders make it easier to create a website, especially for beginners who are unfamiliar with the process. As a result, excellent page builders must have this feature.

  • Widgets and Templates

Widgets and templates assist in saving time when designing pages. You can use widgets to add an image gallery, divider, social icons, videos, and other functions to your website without writing a single line of code.

Templates provide full-page designs or individual sections that you can arrange however you see fit. All you have to do is replace the content in the template with your own. The design is finished and ready to use.

Some WordPress page builders allow you to save your designs as templates. Consider this feature if you intend to create multiple websites or if you intend to reuse them in the future for new clients. If you want to create a functional website quickly, you should consider an abundance of widgets and pre-made templates.

  • Customizability

Check that the plugin includes essential features such as background, color, and typography editing. Custom paddings and margins, CSS classes, and responsive control allow you to create unique elements and adjust the website’s appearance on different devices.

The Divi Builder and Beaver Builder both include a pop-up editor that can be pinned as a sidebar. Other page builders, such as Elementor and Themify Builder, have a styling tab that is always accessible.

Furthermore, some page editors will show you a single styling tab with detailed setting options, whereas others will adjust the styling tab based on the element you’re editing. If you have a creative eye and want to be able to customize your tool, look for one with advanced features, as mentioned above.

  • Features

This is where the performance comparison takes place. The features of a WordPress page builder enable users to add important and useful functions to their website. They may include integrations such as WooCommerce for creating an online store and WPForms for collecting email addresses from visitors.

For example, Elementor includes hotkeys to save time when performing actions and background videos to make your layout more interesting. Meanwhile, Visual Composer provides mobile editing and custom CSS, whereas Thrive Architect distinguishes itself with resizable columns and hover effects.

As a result, before deciding on a WordPress page builder, conduct research and read reviews about the features.

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Why Use a Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugin?

Your WordPress website’s design is primarily determined by your theme. Most premium themes provide a plethora of customization options, but they are too complex for non-coding users to fully utilize.

This is where WordPress page builder plugins with drag and drop functionality come in handy. A simple WordPress page builder plugin can enable you to create stunning custom layouts and landing pages for your website.

With a page builder plugin, you can add any type of content to a page by dragging and dropping ready-made content elements such as blocks, modules, or widgets. To create unique website layouts, you can easily customize, move, and arrange the content elements. The best part is that you won’t need any coding knowledge to design with a page builder.

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