10 Best Squarespace Alternatives Of 2024 (The Ultimate List)

Looking for 10 Best Squarespace Alternatives? You are at the right place. When choosing the right CMS and website builder for your business, many options are available.

If you search Google for the best place to build your website, you likely come across Squarespace at the top of a few lists of the biggest and best website builders around – and that’s pretty obvious.

A great website builder for visually-focused brands is Squarespace. A lot of people around the world use this website builder, and it is one of the most popular. However, some of its functions can be limited.

Aside from these, you can use many other website builders to build a website that appeals to your audience. 

Top Alternatives To Squarespace

Here’s the list of Best Alternatives to Squarespace

Sr.No.Squarespace Alternatives Best For
1.WordPressBest for Blogging
2.WixGeneral Purposes
3.WeeblyBest For Those Seeking A More Intuitive Experience
4.Webflow Best For Experienced Designers!
5.StrikinglyBest for Portfolios & Pages With A Lot of Images
6.DudaBest For SaaS Businesses & Agencies
7.CMS HubBest for images-Heavy Portfolios & Pages
8.ShopifyBest For eCommerce Store
9.GoDaddyBest for Simplicity
10.Site123Best for Freelancers

Pros and Cons of Squarespace 

As with any other Squarespace alternatives on this list, Squarespace has its advantages and disadvantages.

Squarespace Pros:

Squarespace has the following advantages:

Templates designed by professionals: The themes offered by Squarespace are all mobile-friendly and responsive, so you can create a beautiful, polished website that looks great on any device.

Blogging-friendly: The Squarespace blogging platform offers comprehensive tools for creating and managing blogs. A podcasting feature is also available.

There is no need for prior coding experience: Creating your website is as easy as dragging and dropping it to your desired layout.

Squarespace Cons:

Here are some disadvantages to consider:

Costly: The basic plans start at $16 a month, but if you want any extra features, you’ll need to invest in the business level at $26 a month, which offers more premium features.

There is a limited extension period available: Adding extensions to your Squarespace website is possible, yet few are available, and most of them are for e-commerce websites.

There are no options for backups or restores: There is only one way to export your data from this CMS, and you must rely on Squarespace. You need access to your website to get it back up and running.

World-Class Squarespace Alternatives 

If you are looking for a cheaper Squarespace plan or a more flexible one, there are several options available to you in 2024. Here are the top nine choices.

1. WordPress 

Best for Blogging

WordPress Overview

A popular website builder around the world is WordPress and one of the best alternatives to Squarespace that you can find today. Many top brands use WordPress as a platform for their websites and blogs. Users of Squarespace can use the app without paying a penny, making it a very affordable and ideal option. With thousands of themes and plugins in the WordPress repository, this blog software has a high level of flexibility.

Using the plugin WooCommerce, WordPress can be used to create online stores and blogs as well as websites.

WordPress Key Features:

Let’s have a look at WordPress Key Features:

  • Easily customizable
  • Plugins indefinitely
  • Usage-based pricing

2. Wix 

Best For General Purposes

Wix Overview

A Wix website is easy-to-use since it handles all your hard work. In contrast, Wix is more suitable for small businesses than giant corporations.

As far as the fees for the eCommerce plans are concerned, there are no transaction fees, and every eCommerce plan includes an abandoned cart recovery, one of the essential features often overlooked when starting up an eCommerce website.

Wix Key Features:

Let’s have a look at Wix Key Features:

  • User-friendly
  • A must-have for entrepreneurs 
  • An extensive collection of templates is available. 
  • Add advanced features to your website and customize it according to your needs. 
  • Design that looks great on all mobile devices. 

3. Weebly 

Best for those seeking a more intuitive experience

Weebly Overview

One of the most popular Squarespace alternatives is Weebly, which offers many features and benefits. In the two most popular website builder platforms, Squarespace and Weebly, there is a lot of competition between them, with Weebly usually taking the lead by a narrow margin in most categories. For those who are not a huge fan of this pick, we strongly recommend giving Weebly a try, as it might be just what you’re looking for.

Weebly Key Features:

Let’s have a look at Weebly Key Features:

  • First-time shop owners will appreciate that they can upgrade from the free plan anytime.
  • User-friendly
  • Templates for mobile-friendly websites
  • Boost your audience with integrated marketing tools. 

4. Webflow 

Best for Experienced designers!

Webflow Overview - Squarespace Alternatives

Webflow is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website design tool that is especially popular among designers and web developers. The website builder gives you some of the simplicity of a website builder while also allowing you to reach your website’s underlying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes directly from the backend.

Additionally, you can integrate it directly with a CMS to create and manage content (e.g., a blog).

For designers and advanced users who have experience with CSS and are comfortable with it, Webflow is a handy tool. While that is true, it is more complex than Squarespace, so people who have yet to gain any technical experience may need help to use it well.

Webflow Key Features:

Let’s have a look at Webflow Key Features:

  • Codes for export
  • Start at a low price
  • The platform consists of a CMS and a hosting platform
  • An extensive resource section for when you need help. 

5. Strikingly

Best for portfolios and pages with a lot of images

Strikingly Overview - Squarespace Alternatives

One of the most popular website builders, Weebly, was acquired in 2018 by Square, another popular payment processor. It has become clear to us that since the Weebly acquisition, the company has shifted its focus toward helping you build online stores. However, there is still the option to create any website with Weebly.

Weebly’s most significant selling point has always been its free plan, which is why it has always been so popular with users. There are still some things about Squarespace that make it more affordable than a free plan, especially if you want to create a simple website.

Strikingly Key Features:

Let’s have a look at Strikingly Key Features:

  • Visitor Management
  • Domain Names
  • Provides website creation tools

6. Duda

Best for SaaS businesses and agencies

Duda Overview - Squarespace Alternatives

Duda is similar to Squarespace in many ways, including its powerful site editor and a wide variety of prebuilt templates. The platform is well-known for its powerful team collaboration tools, client management tools, and reputation for being one of the top mobile hosting platforms.

It is especially suitable for agencies looking for an easy-to-scale online business presence.

Duda Key Features:

Let’s have a look at Duda Key Features:

  • No coding is required to create responsive websites
  • Drag-and-drop editor for easy editing
  • Client collaboration features

7. CMS Hub 

Best for Images-Heavy Portfolios & Pages

CMS Hub - Squarespace Alternatives

Using the CMS Hub by Hubspot, you can build a website and manage its content compellingly, much more than you can with Squarespace.

Using their tools and features, you can build just about any site you can imagine using their platform. They offer a wide range of features.

The CMS Hub will give you a fast and attractive website.

Aside from that, their platform is also highly secure and designed to prevent hackers from accessing your website.

CMS Hub Key Features:

Let’s have a look at CMS Hub’s Key Features:

  • Create your website or choose from a library of themes
  • Enhance your site’s security with advanced features
  • Grow your online presence with Hubspot’s other marketing tools

8. Shopify

Best for eCommerce store

Shopify Overview - Squarespace Alternatives

There is often a comparison between Shopify and WordPress – specifically to WooCommerce. While it might not be the best Squarespace alternative, it is one of those alternatives that can stand on its own.

Rather than a general business website platform, it’s more of an e-commerce platform geared towards the e-commerce market. Therefore, if you don’t sell products, then you’ll need to find another platform if you are looking to advertise.

There is only one Squarespace alternative that can be used on a massive scale: Shopify.

Shopify Key Features:

Let’s have a look at Shopify Features:

  • Designed to make it easier to sell online
  • Add additional features like shipping calculators to the website
  • Customizable templates 

9. GoDaddy

Best for Simplicity

Last but not the least in our list is GoDaddy. GoDaddy is one of the best way to create a website. The platform is easy and simple to understand. You can simply choose one template from the given options, drag and drop option and easy to use. It has two types of plans, free and paid. Free plan doesn’t give a custom domain but it does give you a website. Paid plans start at $9.99 per month. GoDaddy is an amazing choice for your business.

GoDaddy Website Overview - Squarespace Alternatives

GoDaddy Key Features :

Let’s have a look at GoDaddy Features:

  • It has 24*7 customer support
  • Drag and Drop which makes it easy to use
  • You will get SSL Certificates for every paid plan

10. SITE123

Best For Freelancers

Last in our list of Sqaurespace alternative is SITE123. You can create a website from the start and finish it in just 3 simple steps. This is what makes SITE123 unique. You just need to choose which type of website you wanna choose, then you can upload the content. Last step will just be publishing all the things you did. Within few minutes your website will be up and running. It doesn’t need coding so anyone can do it.

site123 Overview

SITE123 Key Features :

Let’s have a look at Site123 Features:

  • Simple to Create a Website
  • Great for optimization
  • Amazing Plugin Library

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Conclusion: Best Squarespace Alternatives (2024)

The Squarespace website builder is, without a doubt, one of the best website builders out there. While Squarespace may be one of the most popular platforms today, many alternatives exist. Despite this, options such as WordPress and Shopify have more features and better performance than Squarespace – often at a more reasonable price.

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