16 Best Squarespace Websites Of 2024 (Compared & Ranked)

Looking for Best Squarespace Websites? Then you are at the right place. Having a website nowadays is more than the merrier in this highly competitive market. According to the report, 48% of the people conveyed that website design demonstrates the business’s credibility. The question is, which website builder should be used as an example? Here is where Squarespace comes into the picture. 

The Squarespace website builder has gained a reputation for being one of the most popular in the industry. There are thousands of successful websites out there that have been built on this platform.

It is beneficial to take inspiration from other Squarespace websites to make your site more appealing. 

Let’s Look At our Recommended Best Squarespace Websites

Best Squarespace Websites 2024

This is the recommended Best Squarespace Websites:

WebsiteAboutRatingLoad timePerformance Grade
Altrock Highly engaging design4.3 out of 51.93 sB
Julie HarmsenHighly organized elements 3.8 out of 52. 42 sB
Fire & Flour BreadDelighful background3.8 out of 52.39 sB
Pica Things We LoveAppealing to the eyes3.7 out of 52.10 sC
BembienEasy navigable3.6 out of 52.02 sD

Besides this, we have covered some of the best Squarespace websites that will act as a great inspiration in developing the website. 

1. Uppercase


First in our list of Best Squarespace Websites is Uppercase. As a magazine and a book publisher, Uppercase aims to inspire and educate creative and curious readers.

With just one glance at the site, you can sense the whimsical nature of the website – the use of bullet points is replaced with a heart, and the orange borders on the website convey the feeling that you will be happy.

Uppercase Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Uppercase Key Features:

  • This website has a gorgeous theme throughout
  • Whitespace and color are used well
  • Slideshow to entice visitors

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2. Egg Shop

Located in New York, Egg Shop is an online food store. 

Founded by two fans of egg sandwiches, the restaurant’s two owners decided to open a restaurant specializing in dishes that include eggs as an integral part of their preparations. 

Egg Shop

Upon landing on the website’s homepage, you can immediately tell that this venue prefers to offer a fun, relaxed atmosphere thanks to the turquoise background and its vibrant patterns, which are displayed as soon as you land. 

Also, there is a slideshow reel to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the mouthwatering specialties Egg Shop offers.

Egg Shop Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Egg Shop Key Features:

  • The interface is well-designed.
  • Written and visual content that is appealing.
  • A beautiful backdrop

3. Altrock

The Altrock furniture surfaces are made from durable, recycled marble used to design furniture surfaces. A visitor to the website for the first time is immediately captivated by the pictures of their beautiful pieces.  


With so many colors to choose from, even those with no interest in buying something cannot resist. 

Using Squarespace, Altrock displays its projects, the creative process behind the developed products, and how they are developed.

Altrock Key Features:

Let’s take a look at the Altrock Key Features:

  • Imaginative and clear images
  • Attractive design that appeals to the audience
  • There is a welcome note on the website.

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4. Darren Booth

Darren Booth

Often, the simple design brings greater attention to the user than the one with many variations. 

This very clean and organized website layout draws your attention to the illustration, which is a perfect design. 

An easy navigation bar at the top of the page makes it easy to find anything you need on the website. 

This Squarespace website is a great example of a website that is suitable for a DIYer who needs a way to showcase their work that’s easy to navigate.

Darren Booth Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Darren Booth Key Features:

  • Organization of various projects in an efficient manner
  • A few subpages are present on the website.
  • Under the fold, whitespace is used.

5. Supernatural 

This Squarespace website features plant-based colors throughout its pitch, so its design seems to understand the assignment; dazzle with color!


This Squarespace website example offers visitors a genuinely eye-catching full-screen experience that is truly attention-grabbing to bring visitors in and gives their experience a feeling of total immersion with stunning edge-to-edge visuals. 

This full-screen canvas allows the brand to display its best work while creating a billboard-like magnetism that will enable it to attract attention instantly.

Supernatural Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Supernatural Key Features:

  • Aesthetic and contemporary images
  • Trendy graphics and funny GIFS
  • An eye-catching color scheme

6. Rodarte

Rodarte - Best Squarespace Websites

Squarespace has also been used to build the website for one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. On this site, you can see romantic pictures of feminine designs that the company is famous for and details of the designs. The Rodarte boutique is a great place to see Rodarte’s latest work and pick up its clothing and accessory lines. Here, you can also see and purchase the latest work by Rodarte.

Rodarte Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Rodarte Key Features:

  • Highly engaging web design.
  • A lively image of incredible women’s costume
  • A real-looking photograph

7. Bembien

Bembien - Best Squarespace Websites

The Squarespace platform is perfect for eCommerce businesses, and Bembien’s website is an example of how it can be used. On this website, you will find listings for handmade woven handbags that artisans worldwide have created. 

Squarespace’s shopping funnel will guide you through the entire buying process, from selecting your favorite bag to finishing your purchase once you have chosen your favorite.

Bembien Key Features:

Let’s take a look at the Bembien Key Features:

  • The unique design of the handbags stands out
  • Great use of website design
  • Less is more

8. Julie Harmsen

Julie Harmsen - Best Squarespace Websites

There is a lot of difference between the Squarespace website and this one, particularly on the home page. 

There is an entire section on the front page that displays Julie’s work and her portfolio. 

Using the grid at the top of the page gives visitors a way to navigate more easily and quickly to more information, while the grid at the bottom provides a way to keep the focus on the photography.

Julie Harmsen Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Julie Harmsen Key Features:

  • Illustrations of delightful quality
  • Colourful illustrations with varied colour palettes
  • Presentation of simple portfolios

9. Pica Things We Love

Two Japanese enthusiasts run Photo Things We Love, a photography website dedicated to Japan. 

As a reflection of where they had been after their trip, the two women redecorated their apartment as a reflection of what they had seen after visiting this beautiful Asian country.

Pica Things We Love - Best Squarespace Websites

In addition to being graphic designers, the two became artists, and eventually, they began to sell the work that they created.

Having a Squarespace website has proven to be a very efficient way to reach new clients. 

The website’s simple yet highly effective design allows prospective buyers to navigate through different, colourful pictures before deciding which are best suited to their tastes.

Pica Things We Love Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Pica Things We Love Key Features:

  • The main page displays digital images
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • A great collection

10. Fire & Flour Bread

As a hand-made bread brand, Fire & Flour uses Squarespace to create a visual appeal to its internet audience that reflects how its bread is made. 

Fire & Flour Bread - Best Squarespace Websites

This business has a single-page website, but it contains all the information a visitor might need to know to make a decision. 

Elegant and sophisticated, the site features black backgrounds, white fonts, and images of high-quality products.

Fire & Flour Bread Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Fire & Flour Bread Key Features:

  • The interface is beautifully designed.
  • Visually appealing and well-written.
  • Background looks lovely

11. Alissa Bell

Another great Squarespace website example we cannot afford to leave is Alissa Bell Press, built quickly. 

This letterpress printing company targets a select group of elite users looking for high-quality printing and design. 

It has a stylish background photo on the intro page, a slogan, two call-to-action buttons on the page, and a full-screen background image. 

Alissa Bell - Best Squarespace Websites

One of the buttons takes you to the online store, and the other button leads you to the site, together with brief instructions. 

There is a grid-based layout on the inner homepage and the shop page. The color palette used is pastel.

Alissa Bell Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Alissa Bell Key Features:

  • Iconic interface
  • Your write-up is stunning
  • Design that stands out

12. Laura Berger

Using Squarespace as her website portfolio, ceramic artist Laura Berger showcases her work on the web professionally. 

A hidden slider in the right-hand corner of the page displays her artwork; you can access it by clicking on it. 

There is a slider on this page that you can only see if you hover over it. 

Laura Berger - Best Squarespace Websites

A smart separation of social media buttons with enough white space ensures they are easily visible and smartly separated from one another.

Laura Berger Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Laura Berger Key Features:

  • Imaginative and clear images
  • Attractive design that appeals to the audience

13. Sadie Williams

Sadie Williams showcases her designs and shares her vision on her Squarespace website. 

You can read about her brand through the different collections on her site and discover how she uses different fabrics, colors, and textures. 

Sadie Williams - Best Squarespace Websites

The photos she selected for her web presence are colorful, bold, and slightly edgy. Check out Sadie if you’re into this style!

Sadie Williams Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Sadie Williams Key Features:

  • As you scroll down, you’ll see layered effects
  • Throughout the screen-filling exercise, each page represents a different project
  • A very eye-catching animation appears on the main page of the recent product.

14. Kris Bowers

The composer and pianist Kris Bowers is a winner of the Emmy Award for Best Composer and Piano Player. 

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best examples of the use of Squarespace, and the website is extremely easy to navigate. 

The site offers several features for visitors, including the option to contact them, follow them on several social media platforms, and search for upcoming performances. 

Kris Bowers - Best Squarespace Websites

As you can see from the image at the top of each page, this website is simple and uses a large photo as the header. 

Kris Bowers Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Kris Bowers Key Features:

  • Add animation to the menu bar
  • Easy-to-use design

15. Hester

Are you a seller online who likes to put their few favorite product on display? then Hester can be one of the best option for you. Every time a user visits the website, user will be able to view a pop of the products with a CTA Button available. It provides an amazing navigation for users. Blogging section is neat and helps to integrates with CMS which eventually helps you with SEO. SEO is a very important factor considering you have a store online.

Hester Overview - Best Squarespace Websites

Hester Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Hester Key Features:

  • Easier to navigate
  • Great for SEO
  • Great UI & Easy to understand

16. Bandits Restaurant

One of the simplest Squarespace website out there, Bandits Restaurant. It is considered as the simplest Squarespace website because of how it looks, the features and the CTA. The homepage isn’t a long page, where whatever the user needs is communicated very properly and in a simple manner. It gives out all the right information whatever a user might need, from contact information to location, you will find everything right in front of you. The buttons are placed at the right place which makes the navigation easy.

Bandits Restaurant Overview

Bandits Restaurant Key Features :

Let’s take a look at the Bandits Restaurant Key Features:

  • Easy To Navigate & One of the simplest Websites to Understand
  • Communication is done properly with the right placement of the button.

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Conclusion: Best Squarespace Websites 

Having seen some of the swankiest Squarespace examples available online,  among our top recommendations are Altrock, Pica Things We Love, and Julie Harmsen, which we feel are excellent examples of Squarespace websites for attracting people’s attention. Their services are superb with anything you come across, whether it be appealing design, easy to use, good quality images, or anything else. All in all, they are the best out there.

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