WP Engine Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Time & Money?

Would you like to speed up your WordPress website? Need more security? 

Now is the right time to switch from regular ‘shared’ hosting to managed WordPress hosting. This is where the WP engine comes into play. As far as WordPress-managed hosting services go, it is one of the best. 

So that you can keep your business humming, it makes managing your site hassle-free.

WP Engine has provided excellent performance, quality customer service, and features that make WordPress site management much easier to achieve that growth.

Despite a lot to like about WP Engine, it has some cons. You can make the right choice for your site by reading our hands-on WP Engine Review that covers both the good and the wrong sides.

Average Load Time337 ms
Support24/7 Phone and Live chat support 
Performance.Consistent, excellent performance in real-world situations

About WP Engine: WP Engine Review 2024

This company specializes in managed WordPress hosting and offers only this service. The company does not provide email services, reseller hosting, or other web hosting products.

WP Engine Overview

The company integrates some third-party tools such as DNS (from Amazon) and SSL (from Let’sEncrypt), as well as a CDN (based on CloudFlare’s network).

Since 2010, WP Engine has started offering managed WordPress hosting services to meet the demand for websites, developers, and designers.

Pros and cons of WP Engine:

Using WP Engine can have many benefits, and WordPress sites with decent traffic are especially likely to need it.

WP Engine offers the following benefits:

WP Engine Pros:

Lets have a quick look at the Pros :

The loading speed of the page:

Whatever the location, WP Engine will load within three seconds. 


The WP Engine uptime guarantee is 99.99% and goes up to 99.99% with enhanced SLAs. Annual downtime of less than an hour. 

Security Features:

The WP Engine website hosting service provides a free SSL certificate, unlike many other hosting companies. 

Customer Support:

WP Engine’s chat support feature allows you to communicate with customer support via the user panel 24/7. 

Staging Environment:

It allows you to make changes to the site and test them out before you decide whether or not to go live with them.

WP Engine Cons:

Now let’s take a quick look at the cons of WP Engine

Only Hosts WordPress:

WP Engine may not be the best choice for you if you plan on moving away from WordPress in the future because you’ll have to pay for a new web host afterward.

No Email Hosting:

Neither WP Engine nor its host allows email registration or domain registration.

WP Engine Support: WP Engine Review

There is 24/7 support available on all plans at WP Engine.

The StartUp plan’s support is limited to live chat. Nevertheless, all other projects include phone support as well. To get phone support, you’ll need the Professional or higher plan.

WP Engine Customer Support

The support quality at WP Engine is excellent.

Chat requests are usually responded to within a few minutes. 

WP Engine won’t disappoint you if you are looking for quality support.

WP Engine Key Features: WP Engine Review

Unlike other hosting companies, WP Engine offers many features to make your life easier, so it doesn’t just host your WordPress site.

Let’s start with some basic hosting features. WP Engine offers the following features:

  • Google Cloud infrastructure or Amazon Web Services infrastructure is available, depending on the plan.
  • You can choose from 11+ Google Cloud or 9+ AWS data centers.
  • The Varnish and Memcached caching mechanisms are built-in into the server.
  • The CDN is built-in.
  • Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates.
  • Whenever malware is detected, free malware cleaning is provided.

Pricing plans: WP Engine Review

With WP Engine, you can select from four managed WordPress hosting plans. Each plan has a different number of monthly website visitors and a different number of websites you can host, but what is more significant is how many websites every plan can support and how many websites each plan can support at once.

Here we have covered the hosting plan that comes in every category:

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans 

Here is a breakdown of the four pricing tiers, so you can decide what’s suitable for your website based on the differences between them:

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans 

Managed Startup Plan – $24 monthly or $20/month ( Paid annually ) 

Regarding the most affordable hosting level, the StartUp plan comes in at quite a bit higher than the other plans, but as they say, “you get what you pay for.” With this plan, you can take care of your WordPress site. Monthly visitors can reach 25,000. 

Additionally, this plan gives you access to the following:

  • An amount of 10 GB is available for site storage
  • 25,000 monthly visitors
  • Monthly bandwidth of 50 GB
  • WordPress support for one site

Managed Professional Plan – $47 per month or $39 per month (if paid annually)

This plan costs almost three times as much as the startup plan, but you get more server power. Using this plan, you can support your website with up to 75,000 monthly visitors, which is ideal for growing websites.

Among the features of this plan are:

  • Up to 15 GB of site storage
  • 125 GB of bandwidth per month
  • Support for three WordPress websites

Managed Growth Plan – $92/month or $77 /month (if Paid annually)

Support for up to 100,000 website visitors per month is the biggest advantage of this plan. Most website owners will find this sufficient. Developers and those who run a network of various WordPress sites will enjoy this plan, or you can use it to run a large, high-traffic website.

Here’s what’s in this plan:

  • 20 GB of website storage
  • 200 GB of bandwidth a month
  • Up to ten websites supported

Managed Scale Plan– $232 per month or $193 per month ( if Paid annually)

Hosting plans at the Scale level are the most expensive. One of the most important features of this plan is its ability to support 400,000 monthly website visitors. In most cases, this should be more than enough for website owners to get by. 

This plan is perfect for large, high-traffic websites, developers, or those who manage a WordPress site network.

Among the features of this plan are:

  • A 50GB website storage plan
  • 500 GB of bandwidth per month
  • A maximum of 30 websites can be supported

WP Engine Managed Hosting Plus Plans:

WP Engine offers several different packages. Next, we have “Hosting Plus.”

All of the great features of the standard packages are included in the Managed Hosting Plus plans. Plugin-based extras, however, ensure that your site runs smoothly.

Within Managed Hosting Plus, the most critical differences are storage, bandwidth, and monthly visitors. Choosing the right plan is easy with this pricing breakdown.

Managed Hosting Plus Startup Plan – $27 monthly or $22/month for annual payments

With the Startup plan, you’ll be set up in no time and will be able to manage your burgeoning online presence. This package has a single website and can handle up to 25,000 visitors a month. 

Managed Hosting Plus Professional Plan – $50 monthly or $42/month ( Paid annually )

Managed Hosting Plus’ Professional plan represents a significant price increase. However, your site will be able to handle a lot more resources. A growing online business may need additional services beyond those offered in the Startup plan.

The plan includes everything that comes with the Startup plan. Visitors can, however, count on 75,000 visits per month. 

Managed Hosting Plus Growth Plan – $100 monthly plan or $83/ month  ( for Paid annually)

The scale provides a significant increase in server resources. Traffic-growing sites are ideal candidates for the plan.

There is a limit of 100,000 visitors per month for the plan. 

Managed Hosting Plus Scale Plan – $248 monthly or $206 per month ( Paid annually)

The Scale package is the penultimate option in the Managed Hosting Plus package list. Custom plans are available with dedicated architectures and scalable resources on WP Engine. However, you can get the Scale plan with predesignated features at the highest price.

With this plan, you can support 400,000 monthly visitors and take advantage of the following features:

  • Site storage of 50 GB
  • Monthly bandwidth of 500 GB
  • WordPress support for up to 30 sites

WP Engine Secure Hosting Plans:

Several security features are included in all WP Engine’s hosting packages to make sure you have peace of mind and smooth performance. 

Below is a breakdown of pricing.

Secure Hosting Startup Plan – $42 monthly or $35/month (Paid annually)

In the category of Secure Hosting, the Startup plan is the lowest tier. Even though it’s a low-cost option, it has many great features. 

The Startup plan accommodates 25,000 monthly visitors. Additionally, you get the following:

  • Site storage of 10 GB
  • Monthly bandwidth of 50 GB
  • WordPress website support for one

Secure Hosting Professional Plan – $72 monthly or $60 per month (Paid annually)

Next, we’ll take a look at the Professional plan. As a result of the Secure Hosting Professional plan, you can support growing sites that may exceed the entry-level version’s capabilities. A monthly visitor count of 75,000 is accommodated by it.

Plan features include:

  • Site storage of 15 GB
  • 125 GB of bandwidth per month
  • WordPress website support for up to three sites

Secure Hosting Growth Plan – $120 monthly or $100 per month (Paid annually)

The Secure Hosting Growth plan costs three times more than the base-level package in this category. It can handle a considerable number of visitors monthly and keeps your website protected.

Furthermore, the package contains the following:

  • Site storage of 20 GB
  • The bandwidth of 200 GB per month
  • WordPress support for up to ten websites

Secure Hosting Scale Plan – $280 monthly or $233 per month ( Paid annually)

The Scale plan is the highest pre-configured option in the Secure Hosting category and can support up to 400,000 monthly visitors. Great for websites that experience a lot of global traffic, this plan has the extra security perks to ensure you’re safe no matter what.

Among the features of the plan are

  • Site storage of 50 GB
  • Monthly bandwidth of 500 GB
  • 30 WordPress websites are supported

WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Plans

Having added functionality is beneficial when running an eCommerce store, with WordPress, you can install several store-related plugins; however, WooCommerce is the most commonly used.

WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Plans Pricing

There are a lot of features available with WP Engine eCommerce Hosting plans. 

eCommerce Hosting Startup Plan – $29 monthly or $24 per month ( Paid annually )

This plan may be the most basic of the eCommerce Hosting packages, but it offers many features. Smaller stores will find it helpful. However, it can continue to grow and increase sales over time, and it stands out even among competitors’ entry-level plans.

With this plan, you will be able to support 25,000 monthly visitors. Moreover, it includes

  • The site provides 10 GB of storage
  • The bandwidth of 50 GB per month
  • WordPress website support for one

eCommerce Hosting Professional Plan – $60 monthly or $50 per month ( Paid annually )

Regarding eCommerce, the Professional plan kicks things up a notch. Aside from the features, you can access the Startup package and get Instant Store searches. With this feature, shoppers can enjoy an exciting and convenient shopping experience powered by ElasticPress.

There are also the following features included with the plan:

  • A 15 GB storage space on the site
  • The bandwidth of 125GB per month
  • WordPress website support for up to three sites

eCommerce Hosting Growth Plan – $112 monthly or $93 per month ( Paid annually )

A significant increase in resources is available to online stores with the Growth Plan. 

It can help business owners reach the top! Users can access it every month.

  • Site storage of 20 GB
  • 200 GB of bandwidth is available per month
  • The service supports up to ten WordPress sites

eCommerce Hosting Scale Plan – $280 monthly or $233 per month ( Paid annually ) with discount

Scale is the most expensive package in the eCommerce Hosting category. In addition to its standard plans, WP Engine also offers custom plans, and custom architecture and server configuration allow them to support millions of monthly visitors.

Custom Hosting Plan From WP Engine

Scale plans might not provide enough storage and bandwidth to support the number of your sites or handle the monthly traffic you receive, so you might need a custom enterprise plan.

Designed for large, high-traffic sites, Custom hosting is the perfect solution. 

It depends on your overall configuration and required features and how much this level of hosting will cost.

Speed Test Results : WP Engine Review

WP Engine is very much know for its speed and performance. WP comes up different features which helps the website to enhance the speed and performance. Features such as Caching, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Server Level Catching, Scalability, Page Performance Tools. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Caching: It has a built in mechanism which stores the static version of the website and then servers the same to the visitor. This is what helps the content to load faster.

Content Delivery Network (CDN): This helps the content to load faster in different Geographic locations, WP Engine integrates with a CDN, which will distribute the static files to different multiple servers.

Server-Level Caching: It employs different techniques in order to enhance the performance.

Scalability : WP Engine is prepared in a manner to make sure it handles heavy traffic and yet is fast and responsive.

Page Performance Tools : It allows integration and access to tools which help you analyse and optimise your website’s performance.

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Conclusion: WP Engine Review

WP Engine is a managed hosting provider that excels at making your life easier. Their high-performance hosting environment means you’ll always experience lightning-fast site loading times and high uptime.

The platform also offers extra features such as automatic backups, WordPress modules and plugin updates, and regular security scans. 

Frequently Asked Questions: WP Engine Review

What does WP Engine do?

A WordPress website is hosted by WP Engine, a web hosting service specifically designed for WordPress websites. The WordPress software helps you create a free, open-source website.

Is WP Engine the same as WordPress?

It’s not. WP Engine provides hosting, while WordPress provides website creation software. Essentially, WP Engine is the engine behind the WordPress website.

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