12 Best Divi Alternatives Of 2024: (Ranked & Updated)

You are hunting for the best Divi Alternatives for your website, aren’t you? Here is the blog to help you land one.

Divi is the ultimate theme cum website builder for every WordPress website. Customizable, easy to use, and super intuitive, Divi seems to have all the features one can possibly need to weave the website of their dreams.

Except that it hasn’t!

So, here in this blog, I’ll list the top 12 Divi Alternatives for 2024.

Let’s start with Best Divi Alternatives.

Top 10 Divi Alternatives You Should Check Out In 2024

Here’s the list of the Top 10 tools you can use as an alternative for Divi:

Divi AlternativePriceWhat makes it better than Divi?Best For
ElementorBasic Plan – $0
Essential Plan – $49/year
Advanced Plan – $99/year
Expert Plan – $199/year
More advanced features.Building and hosting websites. 
Beaver BuilderBasic Plan – $0
Standard Plan – $99
Pro Plan – $199
Agency Plan – $399
Ultimate Plan – $546 
Ease of use.Creating landing pages without coding.
HostGator BuilderStarter Plan – $3.46/mo
Premium Plan – $5.39/mo eCommerce Plan – $8.30/mo 
Affordability.Creating websites and web pages.
Oxygen BuilderBasic Plan – $129
Ultimate Plan – $149
Advanced features and functionalities.Creating professional web pages.
Thrive Architect$97/yearIncreased number of fonts and templates.Building landing pages without coding.
BrizyBasic Plan – $0
Personal Plan – $49/year
Freelancer Plan – $99/year
Agency Plan – $139/year
Ease of use.Creating beautiful landing pages for a website.
SeedProdBasic Plan – $39.50/year
Plus Plan – $99.50/year
Pro Plan – $199.50/year
Elite Plan – $239.60/year
More advanced features to work with.Building websites and pages from scratch.
Themify BuilderBuilder Plugin – $0
Addon Bundle – $39
Affordability.Creating landing pages of all kinds.
GeneratePressBasic Plan – $0
Yearly – $59
Lifetime – $249
Affordability.Building and customing website theme.
Avada$69 for six months (+$21.38 for 12 months support extension)Ease of use.Creating landing pages and websites.

Now, let’s take a better look at the Best Divi Alternatives.

1. Elementor:

Note: We have done a detailed Divi vs Elementor comparison here.

My top pick for a Divi alternative? Elementor, for sure! Here’s why. Elementor is undoubtedly one of the finest page builder plugins offered by WordPress. When compared to Divi, it has a super responsive design and comes with tonnes of features that make the entire task swift and easy.

Elementor Website Overview

In fact, Elementor also offers a range of free, ready-to-edit templates to ensure you get started without a single line of coding! What more to ask for?  

Elementor Key features:

Let’s look at the Key Features of Elementor.  

  • Offers an intuitive drag-and-drop live editor.
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes.
  • Over 300 free templates to edit and customize.
  • Can integrate 80+ useful design elements into the site.
  • Integrates with third-party platforms like Mailchimp and WooCommerce.
  • Comes packed with a range of add-ons like Crocoblock and Livemesh.

Elementor Drawbacks:  

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of Elementor.  

  • New updates have taken a toll on site speed.
  • Customer support is average.
  • Paid plans are pretty expensive.

Elementor Pricing:

Elementor offers a forever-free plan. But if you want extra features, there are three paid plans starting from $49/year. 

2. Beaver Builder:

Note: Check our detailed Beaver Builder vs Elementor the Ultimate Comparison here.

I know you saw this coming – Beaver Builder is indeed a wildly popular Divi alternative. But I exclusively love this platform because I find it extremely easy to navigate (which is a big deal!).

Beaver Builder

Additionally, Beaver is compatible with almost every other WordPress theme and offers a brilliant drag-and-drop editor that lets you customize your heart out. A total win-win, if you ask me!

Beaver Builder Key features:  

Let’s look at the Key Features of Beaver Builder.  

  • Comes with easy-to-customize page templates.
  • Integrates with The WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) for easy site language translation.
  • Auto saves page designs for future use.
  • Compatible with major WordPress themes like Astra. 
  • Every paid plan allows unlimited page and website integration.
  • Offers distinguished White Label solution. 
  • Creates SEO-friendly, lightweight pages and sites.

Beaver Builder Drawbacks:  

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of Beaver Builder.  

  • Divi’s paid plans are cheaper than Beaver’s.
  • The free plan doesn’t offer an ample number of features for page building.

Beaver Builder Pricing:

Beaver Builder offers a free plan too. But for the premium version, there are four plans starting from $99. 

3. HostGator Builder:

Ranking at number #3 on my list is this new entrant in the world of website builders called HostGator. The biggest edge of using this tool over Divi is its pocket-friendly rate.

HostGator Builder

Moreover, HostGator not only helps you build a website but also lets you host it – all at a rate you probably won’t believe. Now, let’s take a look at some of its features, shall we? 

HostGator Builder Key features:  

Let’s look at the Key Features of HostGator Builder.  

  • Easy to use, beginner-friendly interface.
  • Offers a wide range of inbuilt templates for page building.
  • Powerful drag and drop editor for coding-free customization.
  • Works well for any type of website, including online stores.
  • Provides useful analytics to ensure improved website performance. 
  • Also offers web hosting services at the same price.

HostGator Builder Drawbacks:  

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of HostGator Builder.  

  • Limited functionalities; not apt for advanced websites.
  • Lacks basic marketing tools for website promotion. 
  • Customer support is average.

HostGator Builder Pricing:

HostGator Website Builder’s pricing plans start from just $3.46/month. 

4. Oxygen Builder:

If you’re looking for a page-building solution to create first-rate, professional web pages for your website, Oxygen Builder is perhaps the best tool I can recommend. But to churn the most out of it, you need to have a background in coding.

Oxygen Builder

So well, if you’re a professional designer who knows the ins and outs of CSS and HTML, Oxygen’s Visual Site Building feature is made for you. If not, then opt-out. There are better Divi alternatives ahead on the list.  

Oxygen Builder Key features:

Let’s look at the Key Features of Oxygen Builder.  

  • Design Library contains pre-made theme templates to choose from.
  • Robust drag and drop editor to create and customize pages.
  • Hundreds of composite page elements to add for site personalization. 
  • Easy WooCommerce integration to create online stores.
  • Super responsive and fully SEO-friendly.
  • Gutenberg integration is also available.

Oxygen Builder Drawbacks:  

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of Oxygen Builder.  

  • Lack of features when compared to Divi.
  • Requires a learning curve.
  • Non-discounted prices are slightly high. 

Oxygen Builder Pricing:

Oxygen Builder is currently offering a limited period, discounted pricing plans starting from $129. Not to forget, they also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all their paid plans.

5. Thrive Architect:

Thrive Architect is yet another substitute for Divi with some excellent features. But today, let’s zoom in to its particular add-on for all things page building – Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect - Divi Alternatives

With Thrive Architect, you can create stunning landing pages for your website in a snap – thanks to the easy customization and navigation that it offers. In fact, its advanced features allow you to optimize your site for mobile devices and even fetch more traffic. And like such, there are many more features Thrive Architect offers. Let’s see. 

Thrive Architect Key features:  

Let’s look at the Key Features of Thrive Architect.  

  • Allows true frontend editing of the landing page. 
  • Offers over 200 landing page templates to choose from.
  • Offers a wide range of elements to add to your landing page.
  • Integrates with other Thrive plugins like Thrive Automator and Thrive Leads.
  • Creates mobile-friendly landing pages.
  • Super responsive and lightweight. 

Thrive Architect Drawbacks:  

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of Thrive Architect.  

  • You cannot A/B test the landing pages.
  • No third-party integrations are available. 

Thrive Architect Pricing:

Thrive Architect comes for $97/year. 

6. Brizy:

At number #6 on my list, there’s this super impressive tool called Brizy. And here’s why I vouch for it. Brizy is really an “easy breezy”, no coding solution for building websites and pages that ooze excellence.

Brizy - Divi Alternatives

Right from the no-code visual editor to its neat drag and drop builder and of course, the beautiful pre-designed templates – Brizy is a non-coder’s dream come true for all the right reasons. 

Brizy Key features:  

Let’s look at the Key Features of Brizy.  

  • Drag and drop live editor for effortless site modification.
  • Offers smart elements to make the website intuitive.
  • Over 100 design templates to customize and edit.
  • The Global Editor feature allows quick color and font modification.
  • Offers impressive White Label solution for custom branding. 
  • Integrates with many third-party apps like Zapier and Mailchimp. 
  • Also available in a cloud version.

Brizy Drawbacks: 

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of Brizy.  

  • Does not offer WooCommerce integration.
  • No theme-building solutions are available. 

Brizy Pricing:

Brizy offers a free plan. However, for the premium features, pricing starts at $49/year. 

7. SeedProd:

Another one of those popular WordPress plugins, SeedProd is a trusted one in this league. And its impressive set of features justifies why. Like Divi, SeedProd is based on the simple drag-and-drop editing feature for creating professional pages and websites.

SeedProd - Divi Alternatives

It also offers a theme builder plugin and helps you create web pages without any coding whatsoever – again, much like Divi. Hence, I feel it’s an amazing Divi alternative. 

SeedProd Key features:  

Let’s look at the Key Features of SeedProd.  

  • Over 200 pre-formatted template designs to pick from.
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme. 
  • Allows integrations with popular platforms like ConvertKit and Mailchimp.
  • WooCommerce integration is also available.
  • Highly responsive and fully SEO-optimized.
  • Offers a unique Spam Protection feature to avoid unnecessary junk. 

SeedProd Drawbacks:  

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of SeedProd.  

  • Limited number of elements to add to pages.

SeedProd Pricing:

SeedProd’s pricing plans start from $39.50/year. 

8. Themify Builder:

Themify Builder is yet another deserving alternative to Divi. It comes with loads of features to help you design flawless landing pages and websites. For instance, they offer these backend and frontend edit interface options to ensure you work your way.

Themify Builder - Divi Alternatives

Another impressive feature I like about Themify Builder is the Live Preview mode, where you can see your edits in real-time. Let’s check out its other features. 

Themify Builder Key features: 

Let’s look at the Key Features of Themify Builder.   

  • Comes packed with an array of pre-designed Themify themes.
  • Compatible with add-ons like Mosaic, WooCommerce, and Slider Pro.
  • Allows import/export of modules between two devices.
  • Offer powerful animation effects to bring designs to life.
  • Multisite capabilities and fully SEO-friendly.
  • Also supports HTML and shortcodes. 

Themify Builder Drawbacks:  

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of Themify Builder.   

  • You cannot modify themes.
  • Limited functionalities. 

Themify Builder Pricing:

The Themify page builder plugin is free to use. For add-ons, however, you need to pay $39. 

9. GeneratePress:

I can’t even think of wrapping up the list without mentioning GeneratePress. One of the top Divi alternatives available in the market, GeneratePress is a trusted WordPress theme with amazing functionalities to amp up your website.

GeneratePress - Divi Alternatives

But the reason why I’m putting it on the ninth spot is because, unlike Divi, GeneratePress doesn’t have an inbuilt page builder plugin. This means you’ll have to integrate some other page builder tool with GP to create web pages for your site. You can also check our detailed GeneratePress Free vs Premium comparison here.

GeneratePress Key features:  

Let’s look at the Key Features of GeneratePress.   

  • Block-based theme builder lets you visually build websites without coding. 
  • Compatible with most WordPress builders and plugins.
  • Gutenberg integration is also available.
  • Lightweight and super responsive. 
  • Fully open source.

GeneratePress Drawbacks:  

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of GeneratePress.   

  • No in-built page builder plugin.
  • Requires lots of other plugins to function fully.  
  • Needs a learning curve. 

GeneratePress Pricing:

GeneratePress offers a free plan. For the premium version, plans start from $59/year. 

10. Avada:

At number #10 on my list of the best Divi alternatives is Avada. Much like Divi, Avada is a theme with its own website and page builder plugin. It offers a range of basic features that makes website building a hassle-free task.

Avada - Divi Alternatives

There’s Live Visual Builder, Setup Wizard, and so much more to ease the creation process. And well, everything is coding free! 

Avada Key features:  

Let’s look at the Key Features of Avada.   

  • Intuitive Live Visual Builder to help you edit on the go.
  • Library of pre-built elements to customize and start with.
  • Powerful header and footer builder to help you design seamlessly.
  • Super easy to use and beginner-friendly. 
  • WooCommerce integration is also available.

Avada Drawbacks:  

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of Avada.   

  • Not so responsive.
  • Limited features and functionalities.


Avada’s Regular License comes for $69. 

11. SiteOrigin Page Builder :

It is a Backend editor but also has light weight front end editing too. You will get great control on backend and the easy drag & drop makes your life much simpler. Previewing your data before publishing is a very extremely important feature. Reshaping & Resizing can be done easily but its not that effective compared to Divi.

SiteOrigin Website Overview - Divi Alternatives

SiteOrigin Page Builder Key Features :

Let’s look at the Key Features of SiteOrigin Page Builder.   

  • Backend Editor
  • Reshaping & Resizing can be one easily
  • Preview your Data before Publishing

SiteOrigin Page Builder Drawbacks :

Let’s look at the Drawback of SiteOrigin Page Builder.   

  • Not as effective as Divi

SiteOrigin Page Builder Pricing :

Three Plans Starting from $29 to $99.

12. ColorMag

Last in our list of Best Divi Alternatives is ColorMag. ColorMag WordPress Theme is Best for publishing, news style or magazine can be its prime examples. If you think ColorMag is just another publishing theme then you might be wrong, its combability with WooCommerce makes it unique. You can sell products online with total WooCommerce security.

ColorMag Overview

Customization is available, which helps you create your website with total authority, have total control over every element and design it the way you want. ColorMag comes with demo templates which means your website will be ready within just one click.

ColorMag Key Features

Let’s look at the Key Features of ColorMag.

  • Customization available.
  • Mobile Responsive WordPress theme.
  • WooCommerce integration available.
  • Comes with numbers of Social Icons and widgets.
  • Backend coding is done exceptionally well.

ColorMag Drawback

Let’s look at the Drawbacks of ColorMag.

  • Lack of features compared to competitors

ColorMag Pricing

ColorMag has a free plan as well as a paid plan. It’s premium version starts at $69/year.

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Conclusion: Best Divi Alternatives (2024)

Now that the list has come to a halt, let’s help you decide – which is the ultimate Divi Alternative?

In my opinion, Elementor and Themify Builder are two tools you can use as a substitute for Divi. 

Not only do these WordPress themes come with an inbuilt page builder plugin, but their features and functionalities are nonetheless similar to Divi, if not better.

They’re both easy to use, highly customizable, and offer lots of pre-designed templates for a headstart. 

Coming to the price factor, while Elementor’ s paid plans start from $59/year, Themify is absolutely free to get started with. You only need to spend extra for the add-ons (which you can avoid if you already have basic add-ons installed). So in a nutshell, both of their pricings are cheaper than Divi’s $89/year subscription cost. 

A complete win-win!

So, I’d strongly vouch for Elementor and Themify Builder if you’re looking for the best Divi alternative in the market. 

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